Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort: 10 reasons it's the best place to stay

Sundarban Tiger Roar resort- the name echoes the grandeur of the most extensive mangrove forest in India, Sundarban. The luxury resort is located on the serene bank of the river Datta. Ultimately, it is a safe abode where you can rest, enjoy, and rejuvenate during your trip to Sundarban.

But what makes the resort the best place to stay here? The picturesque location and a decorated ambiance cannot be the best USP to attract tourist attention to stay here.  Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort has more cards under its trump to show when you will assess the justifiability of booking your stay here.

Modern rooms with picture-perfect opening



The resort offers rooms under different budgets, but almost all rooms come with spectacular window views. Some oms are available with river-facing windows, and some rooms provide garden-facing openings. All the rooms are equipped with modern beds, attached western toilets, and access to free wi-Fi on demand.

You will getregular housekeeping service, wake-up call on demand, morning tea in the room, standard room service by trained staff, etc.,and facilities during your stay in this resort. The comfort facilities will keep you happy for sure.

Fresh foods and beverages from an in-house restaurant

Fresh Vegetables


Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort maintains a dedicated restaurant to supply new and well-cooked foods to its guests. You can place your order for both veg and non-veg dishes.  You can taste fresh fish from local rivers and ponds, and organic vegetables yielded in the resort’s kitchen garden.

You can order hot beveragesand enjoy a buffet dinner and customized foods during your stay here. Foods are of good quality, and they are served with a complete hygienic system with the best food safety standard. 

The resort offers fresh mineral water for consumption.  The support of mineral water is a wellness amenity you can always count on in this area.

You can book your Sundarban forest visit with the resort authority.


If you want to visit and explore the Sundarban forest, you have to take the help of an experienced tour operator, who can guide you to enjoy a safe and organized tour in and around the forest area. Sundarban Tiger Roar Resortauthorityconducts Sundarban under an organized plan and arrangement.  The tour operator offers tour plans under different projects like one night, two days, two days, three nights, etc. you can book the tour according to your budget and discretion.

Power backup


Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort maintains its power backup planning if there is any interruption in the power supply. As the area is a remote place and often gets influenced by climatic disturbances, power supply backup is a great relief for the tourists, who are outsiders and are not well-acquainted with the area. 

Sundarban Trip with Family

Water treatment plan

Water quality in the Sundarban area is not suitable due to extra iron. Unless you are local, it is tough to use this iron-infested water for personal use like washing hands, bathing, etc. Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort owns a unique water treatment plant. The guests in thisresort can enjoy using soft water for their personal use.

Local guide and cruising in local rivers


Visiting Sundarbans is not like visiting a typical tourist attraction. SeeingSundarban is more like exploring a place. If you want to explore Sundarban in its best and authentic vibes, visiting the site with some locales is essential. Suppose you book a tour plan under the supervision and arrangement of Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. In that case, you can explore the Mangrove Forest area with the best safety and authenticity under a trained and expert local guide.

Cruising in Sundarban is a unique way to overview the dense forest and the core areas. If you book the tour with Sundarban Tiger Roar resort, you will enjoy the cruising at its best.

Exciting itineraries you will love for sure.

Book the tour plan with Sundarban Tiger Roar resort. You will see the best and most exciting places in Sundarban, including bird watching, safari walks, watchtowers visits, attending puja in Bonobibi’s temple, crocodile reserve, tiger reserve, turtle reserve, etc.You can visit local villages here.

It is a safe and well-planned tour plan you can trust.  The resort is family-friendly, couple-friendly, and kids-friendly, a relaxing feature.

The facility of card payment

If you are comfortable with the online payment transfer process, you don’t need to carry cash in Sundarban.  Here in the resort, you can pay your bill via a credit card or debit card.  This online transactionfacility is a sure plus.

Online booking facility

You can contact and book a Sundarban trip with Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort online. You will get all types of professional travel assistance from the staff.   You can check the availability of the rooms online, and avail of promo offers under different plans from the resort authority.  You will get a pick-up and drop facility from Kolkata to reach the forest area.

You can enjoy cultural programs.

Tribal Dance


Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort authority arranges cultural programs on the resort premises. You can enjoy the gala vibes with the best authenticity and freshness.  If you wish to explore Sundarban and related demography, the cultural programs can be your best gateway. 

How to book a tour?

It’s time you should book your holiday for the Sundarban tour package. You may call at +91 9903977265 / +91 9331055704 or mail at

You will get tailor-made assistance to organize a Sundarban visit and wildlife enjoyment. You may raise a request for a customized Sundarban tour program next for your group. You may visit the link to get more information on Sundarban.

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What for you are waiting now? Contact us today and book your Sundarban tout now.  We are happy to help you always.