Royal Bengal Tiger


Visiting Sundarbans During Winter (October to March) is  the best time to visit  due to the pleasant weather from October to March. Summers could be quite hot and send the temperature shooting up, but are an ideal time to visit the wildlife sanctuary. The monsoons with full generosity in showers may make travelling a little difficult but the lush green surroundings might just make up for it. Aside from spotting these majestic beasts in their natural habitat, Sundarban National Park also has an abundance of diverse flora and fauna that make visiting the attraction worth it. The climate in and around this area generally follows the pattern of most Indian cities, and thus, it has three distinct seasons, out of which the winters are the most preferred, though all of them have their pros and cons.

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Sundarbans – Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sajnekhali Sanctuary, Bird’s Island, Sudhyanakhali Watch Tower, Dobanki Watch Tower, Panchmukhani , Rabindranath Tagore’s  Bunglow.

Pick up & Drop:

Kolkata (Fixed  Pick up point for group tour ,Residence or Hotel).


Double Deluxe Non AC Room/ Double Deluxe AC Room/ Luxury AC Room as per your choice.

What you may see:


Mangrove forest with different species of trees,  excellent view of Sunrise and Sunset , Royal Bengal Tiger, Crocodiles on the bank of the river, Monitor Lizard, Spotted Deer, Monkey, Small Octopus, Star Fish, Jelly Fish, Crabs, Prawn, different species of Birds.

Sundarban Tour Package From Kolkata

Guidelines to make your Sundarban Tour a safe trip


What exactly do you feel when you get an option to visit Sundarban? The most significant delta of the giant rivers like the Ganges, The Padma, and the giant Brahmaputra is not only famous for their massive water flow and estuaries. The delta houses the most extensive mangrove forest in the world -Sundarban.  


When you plan for a trip to Sundarban, you will enjoy the dense forest, unique flora and fauna, including Royal Bengal Tiger, and wide varieties of birds, etc. You can sail through the wide riverbeds on boats and barges and enjoy the natural beauty of the place from its closest vicinity. But only attractions and excitements cannot explain the ecstasy of a Sundarban Trip. It can be a lifetime experience, provided you can adhere to some safety tips to make the trip a full-proof one. 

Decide your package for the Sundarban trip.


How many days you will be spending on the Sundarban trip is a vital question. You will get different trip packages like one night, two days, two nights, three days, etc. You need to plan your trip according to the time you have at your disposal. First, decide the package by searching online, and then plan your trip.

However, do not forget to check the details of the tour packages and the cost. It will help you to understand if you have selected the best tour package for your Sundarban trip.  


Appoint an experienced tour guide


It is hardly possible to plan and enjoy in reality a Sundarban trip without an experienced guide. Always look for a tour operator who will offer you a professional guide who can help you enjoy Sundarban safely but thoroughly. 

The wilderness looks fascinating, but as it is a reserve forest, it can be dangerous too. You must take an experienced tour guide with you who knows the best ways to cover Sundarban itineraries adhering to the best possible safety protocols. 


Book a safe and hygienic resort to stay

You have to stay in the Sundarban vicinity during your tour days. You need to sleep at night, get fresh food to eat, visit new with personal hygiene, etc. A good resort is the only place where you can rest at night peacefully. 

Located at the bank of River Dutta, Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is one of the best luxury resorts you may opt for your stay in this wild area. The resort is 100% safe, well maintained, approved by Trip Advisor, and has earned several positive reviews from the existing or past visitors about the standard of accommodation and hospitality standard. 


Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is a tourist-friendly resort that offers all travel facilities for Sundarban tourists under one roof. While you can invest your time to enjoy the tour, The resort crews will take care of your comfort at its best level.