Sundarban Trip for 2 Nights 3 Days

Exploring Sundarban within a stipulated time frame is a challenging task. But for tourists, time is limited as they need to accommodate their trip within their holidays to go back to their general everyday routine. 

We want to accommodate tourists’ passion for exploring Sundarban. We have designed a sundarban Trip to explore the Mangrove Forest, known as three days two nights. In this package, you will get to spend two nights and three days on the trip. 

But it is essential to know the itineraries before you select this tour package. 

Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort conducts the tour package. This 3-day and 2-night tour plan is a well-organized trip that will help you explore the Mangrove Forest with the best safety. You can join the box with your friends and family. It is rightly said by one of the happy tourists that it is a family-friendly as well as couple-friendly trip plan.

Day 1 :

The tour starts with a pickup facility. From Kolkata, you can opt for either Esplanade, K.C Das more, or the point near Science City. However, the tour operator is always available for on-road help. One of the best attractions for this trip is the integrated convenience.

You don’t need to think about food. You will get a packed breakfast at the start of your journey. Moreover, you will get the scope of having tea and another refreshment on the way to Sundarban. 

The road journey will be over during mid-day. Your first destination is Gothkhali Jetty, and you will meet your local guide here. 

Let’s give you a short intro about the importance of a local guide. A tour at Sundarban can be a fulfilling experience for you when you know the tips of exploring Sundarban from close to a locale that understands the nuances of living in this Big Delta and Fierce Mangrove area. In our tour plan, we always wanted to offer you the actual hang of the place besides showing you the spectacular spots of this UNESCO Heritage Site. You will be taken into the luxury boa from this journey, and the cruise journey will be started. The boat will take the route of Gomer, Durgadhwani, to enter the river Pitchkhali. It takes almost 5 hours to complete the journey to reach Sundarbans. You will be staying at Sundarban Tiger Roar resort. The resort is located at the bank of the river Datta.

On your arrival, you will be greeted by our team and checked into our resort. Hot lunch will be served at our dining hall. During the afternoon, we will cruise through the creeks and canals of the SunderbanTiger Reserve Forest to Sajnekhali Watchtower and Mangrove Interpretation Center.

At sunsets in the west, we will be back to the resort to get refreshed. We arrange for tea with snacks in the evening to watch the Adivasi dance performed by the tribes of Sundarbans. Their rural culture and hardships are well portrayed in their dancing and singing. The folk dance will be entertaining for those who love to enjoy Sundarban in its innate character. 

A fresh and delicious dinner gets served in the dining hall at 8:30 pm, followed by the campfire in the garden.

Sundarban Tour


Wake up call at 6:00 am with a hot cup of tea served on your balcony. You have to get Refreshed and board a thrilling cruise toward Dobanki Watch Tower. It is time we move for the Sundarban Tiger Reserve Forest through creeks and dense forest. Numerous rivers will offer a network of waterways, which is again a unique character of Sundarban. Your breakfast will be served on the cruise. 

Here you will get to enjoy a canopy walk at Do Banki watch Tower. We can promise it will be an exclusive but 100% safe experience for you. After that, we will visit Panchamukhani, Pirkhali, Gajikhali by Boat, and then we will cruise back through the Matla river. We will show you the confluence from where you will see a glimpse of the Bay of Bengal. Next, we will be back to the Sundarban Tiger Roar resort for lunch. 

During the afternoon, the tour will offer you the hang of Sundarban’s everyday life. We will take you to visit Jamesport, a local village where you can see the daily life, crafts, cuisines, and other tidbits of the villagers who are the pulse of Sundarban demography. Also, you can check the farming method and the style of rural homes with small entrances. 

We will be back at the resort after the walk. There will be a program of Bawl folk songs, and dinner will be served at 9 pm.



You will get a wake-up call at 6 am. Bed tea will be served to bring freshness to you. After refreshment, we will start for Sundarban Tiger Reserve through waterways of creeks and rivers. Today our destination is Sudhayakhali Watchtower.

Now the watchtower is in the core area. You may see lots of wild animals during Sundarban Trip. Maybe you may glance at a tiger also. Your breakfast will be served on the boat.

You may not see the tiger, but according to the local proverb, the tiger always keeps on watching you when you are in his territory. Therefore, while in the forest area, always follow the forest department’s rules and follow the instructions of the local guide.

We will be back at the resort for lunch, and after lunch, we will be back in Kolkata.