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Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort - Luxury at reasonable cost

Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort: Luxury at a reasonable cost

In the heart of the deep dense forest of Sundarban, where the mystical mangrove forests meet the rhythm of the Bay of Bengal, the big delta lies with the biggest Mangrove Forest of the world. The forest houses multiple extinct animals, birds, and many more.

Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort– a well-planned and well-organized luxury establishment. The resort is located on the bank of river Datta and it promises an unforgettable blend of luxury and wildlife adventure. With its commitment to providing an unparalleled experience at a reasonable cost, this resort is a haven for travelers seeking both comfort and a connection with nature.

Arrival: A Prelude to Luxury

As you approach the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort, the anticipation builds. The journey to this pristine location is an adventure in itself. Whether you choose to travel by boat or opt for a more conventional route, the resort ensures your journey is seamless. The tantalizing aroma of the mangroves and the distant sounds of wildlife signal your arrival in this untouched paradise.

Accommodations: Where Luxury Meets Wilderness

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Upon reaching the resort, you are welcomed by the harmonious blend of opulence and natural beauty. The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort boasts a range of accommodations, from spacious rooms to excellent natural views. The architecture seamlessly integrates with the surroundings, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Sundarbans without compromising on comfort.

The rooms are tastefully furnished, combining modern amenities with a rustic charm that pays homage to the local culture. Each accommodation offers panoramic views of the surrounding river, and garden ensuring that even moments of relaxation are infused with the magic of the Sundarbans.

Culinary Delights: A Feast for the Senses

The culinary experience at Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is nothing short of extraordinary. The resort’s exclusive restaurant features a diverse menu that caters to various palates, offering both local delicacies and international cuisines. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensure that every dish is a celebration of the region’s flavors.

Guests can indulge in sumptuous seafood, a staple of the Sundarbans, or savor delectable vegetarian options. The dining area, whether indoors or al fresco, allows for a serene backdrop while relishing the culinary creations. The resort’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to minimize the ecological footprint while maximizing the gastronomic experience for its guests.

Wildlife Safaris: Into the Heart of the Mangroves

The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort takes pride in offering not just luxury but also a gateway to the mesmerizing world of Sundarban wildlife. Expert tour managers and local guides accompany guests on thrilling wildlife tours, unveiling the secrets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here you can experience a boat safari through the intricate water channels, where every turn brings the possibility of spotting the elusive big Cat. The resort’s commitment to responsible tourism ensures that these excursions are both exciting and environmentally conscious. Capture glimpses of crocodiles basking in the sun, and watch in awe as migratory birds paint the sky with their vibrant colors.

Adventure and Relaxation: The Perfect Blend

The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort recognizes that each guest seeks a different balance between adventure and relaxation. For those inclined towards adventure, the resort offers activities such as nature walks, bird watching, and cultural interactions with the local communities. For those desiring tranquility, the spa and wellness center provide rejuvenating experiences amidst the soothing sounds of nature.

Community Engagement: Enriching Lives, Preserving Nature

The resort’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its ecological practices. Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort actively engages with local communities, contributing to their well-being and the preservation of their unique way of life. Guests have the opportunity to participate in community-based initiatives, fostering a sense of responsibility and connection with the region.

Luxury at a Reasonable Cost: A Unique Offering

What sets Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort apart is its dedication to providing a luxurious experience without breaking the bank. The resort understands the value of offering a reasonable cost while ensuring that guests do not compromise on the quality of their stay. This commitment makes it an ideal destination for budget-conscious travelers seeking an exceptional and eco-friendly retreat.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Luxury and Nature

The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of luxury and nature. From the moment you arrive until your departure, the resort immerses you in the breathtaking beauty of the Sundarbans, providing an experience that is as enriching as it is luxurious. For those seeking a rendezvous with the wild without sacrificing comfort, this resort is a symphony of luxury and nature that resonates long after you leave its shores.

The unique features the resort offers are:

  • European fashioned rooms, AC, Non-Ac, and Deluxe rooms available
  • Accessibility of Wi-Fi in the resort
  • Tasty foods including breakfast, lunch, and Dinner, veg and non-veg
  • The Resort offers soft water for personal use.
  • You will get a consistent supply of mineral water for consumption.
  • Convenience of Online payment, etc.
  • Transit Journey from Kolkata to Sundarban and vice versa.

Summing Up:

Staying in the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is a privilege for travel enthusiasts.  Not only the comfort and safety of the guests is ensured in the resort, but the resort and its management offer professional support for organizing a hassle-free, organized Mangrove Forest Tour.

It is always wise to negotiate your tour plan with the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort authority before trying any tour operator. You will get to and fro transitional journey assistance from Kolkata to the resort, which is another cause to book your stay in the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort and plan your safari tour via Madhuban Leisure.

Do you want to know how to contact Sundarban Tiger Roar resort staff to book your stay here? Please call 9903977265/9331055704 or you may send an email to, and you will get a reply within the next 48 hours.