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Sundarban Boat Safari

Sundarban Tour : 10 reasons to book a Sundarban tour package

A preorganized Sundarban tour within a fixed package is one of the best solutions to travel the Mangrove Forest. Gone are those days when forest lovers could plan suddenly and went off on a vacation plan without any arrangement beforehand. Now everything pre-arranged and preplanned is a part of safe travel planning and that is why a sundarban tour package is an ideal way to enjoy the Mangrove wilderness. But what is special about Sundarban?

A quick glance at Sundarban

The Sundarban National Park, a sprawling labyrinth of mangrove forests and tidal waterways nestled on the Bay of Bengal, beckons the adventurous traveler. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts the title of the world’s largest mangrove forest and is home to a unique ecosystem teeming with diverse wildlife. But navigating this vast and intricate delta can be daunting.  The Mangrove Forest offers multiple attractions for its travelers, but a pre-decided plan and arrangement can add safety and predictability to a large extent.

Safety and predictability are not the prime reasons behind your wise decision to buy a sundarban tour under a package plan.  There are some other reasons to buy a well-organized Sundarban tour and travels package. Here are 10 compelling reasons:

1. Unveiling the Enchanting Sundarban with an experienced guide:

Sundarban is a maze of waterways and dense forests. A tour package takes care of permits, transportation within the park, and ensures you visit the most captivating spots. Imagine gliding through narrow canals, spotting exotic birds flitting through the lush canopy, and witnessing the raw beauty of the Sundarban unfold before you. An experienced guide can help you to enjoy the Mangrove Forest with the best safety and comfort.

2. Spotting the Wild animals at its best

Royal Bengal Tiger


The Sundarban is the only mangrove forest in the world where the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger and some other extinct animals reign prominent. While sightings are never guaranteed, a well-planned tour optimizes your chances of encountering this elusive predator. Your local guides will navigate you through core reeve area so that you can enjoy the wild beauty, keeping safety paramount while offering safe entertainment.

Without the help of a professional guide, you may not be able to enjoy the best view of the wild forest. Be it is the boat safari, or a watchtower tour, only a tour operator appointed guide can help you to extract best experience from the jungle safari. A tour package to Sundarbans is the safest way to enjoy this tour.

3. A Haven for Wildlife Enthusiasts with the best safety:

The Sundarban is a biodiversity hotspot. Apart from tigers, the park is home to a plethora of fascinating creatures. Spot the Gangetic dolphin frolicking in the rivers, witness the mesmerizing dance of the spotted deer on the mud flats, or be captivated by the symphony of bird calls – from the majestic hornbill to the elusive Indian skimmer. A tour package allows you to explore diverse habitats, maximizing your wildlife viewing opportunities.

4. Unveiling the Secrets of the Mangroves:

The Sundarban’ intricate network of mangrove forests is a marvel of nature. A tour guide will unveil the secrets of these unique ecosystems. Learn how mangroves protect the coastline from erosion, discover their role in the food chain, and witness their remarkable ability to thrive in saline water. You’ll gain a newfound appreciation for these vital ecosystems.


5. Accommodation in a luxury Resort

When you have booked a prepaid sundarban tour from a reputed Sundarban tour operator like Madhuban Leisure, you can get assured accommodation booking in a luxury resort in Sundarban like accommodation in Sundarban Tiger Roar resort. It is an easy way to stay comfortably while enjoying a wild safari.

6. Experience the Thrill of a Boat Safari:

Enjoy your Mangrove trip


Imagine cruising through the labyrinthine waterways of the Sundarban, the cool breeze carrying the symphony of the forest. A Sundarban tour allows you to experience the thrill of a boat safari, offering unparalleled access to the heart of the park. Navigate narrow channels, spot wildlife basking on the riverbanks, and soak in the serenity of this untouched wilderness.

7. Witness the Spectacle of Birdlife:

Birdwatchers, rejoice! The Sundarban is a paradise for avian enthusiasts. With over 260 species of birds calling this place home, the park offers a dazzling display of feathered beauty. Spot the majestic grey-headed fish eagle soaring overhead, marvel at the iridescent plumage of the kingfisher, or witness the synchronized dance of painted storks. Your guide will help you identify these avian wonders, making your birdwatching experience truly unforgettable.

8. Unwind in Tranquil Natural Beauty:

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Sundarban. The gentle lapping of water against the boat, the rustling of leaves in the breeze, and the calls of exotic birds create a symphony of peace. A Sundarban tour allows you to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

9. Capture Breathtaking Photos:

The Sundarban is a photographer’s paradise. From the majestic tigers to the vibrant flora and fauna, every corner presents an opportunity to capture a stunning image. A tour package ensures you visit the most picturesque locations and provides ample time to frame the perfect shot. Remember to be a responsible tourist – maintain a safe distance from wildlife and avoid using flash photography.

10. A Sustainable Travel Experience:

Many Sundarban tour operators are committed to sustainable practices. They prioritize responsible tourism, minimizing their impact on the environment. Opting for a tour package allows you to contribute to the conservation efforts and ensure the Sundarban’ unique ecosystem thrives for generations to come.

Booking a Sundarban tour package unlocks a world of exploration, adventure, and nature appreciation. From encountering magnificent wildlife to delving into the rich cultural heritage, the Sundarban offers. However, you can enjoy the best advantages of a sundarban tour package from Kolkata from the best travel and tour operators—Madhuban leisure Holidays is one of them. Let’s take a look at the premium advantages the premium sundarban tour operator offers you.

  • Confirmed lodging in the luxury resort The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort.
  • Assured arrangement of best hospitality, hygienic accommodation, best amenities,
  • Regular Supply of fresh tasty foods from the resort’s own restaurant.
  • Availability of local guide with you during the tour.
  • Assured support of transition journey from Kolkata to Sundarban and vice versa.
  • Multiple Sundarban tour packages are available: you can choose according to your budget and vacation plan.
  • There is provision for special discount for Early Bird Booking, group booking, etc.

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