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Sundarban Tour

All you need to know for a perfect Sundarban tour in 2022

 A Sundarban tour can be the perfect program for unwinding the stress, whether you are planning your vacation alone or with your significant other. It’s an adventure in the biggest Delta of the Rivers trio, Ganges, Padma, and the Brahmaputra, where the most extensive and unique Mangrove Forest is located. 

It is believed that the abundance of Sundori trees is the reason behind calling this forest Sundarban. The forest houses one of the biggest Tiger Reserves. It is the abode of the Royal Bengal Tiger. When booking a Sundarban tour, besides the unique chance of visiting the Tiger Reserve, you can enjoy some other tourist attractions here. 

6 best attractions of a Sundarban trip plan

1. Bird watching

Bird Watching

Bird watching at Sajnekhali Bird sanctuary is one of the unique experiences of a Sundarban travel program. Not only regular Indian birds. In winter, you can watch some fantastic migratory birds here. Watching beautiful birds in Sundarban can be your best bird-watching experience, whether you have already developed a knack for bird watching or are skilled in ornithology. 

2. A trip on the watchtowers

Watchtowers are the safe windows to watch the wild and fierce forest. Watchtowers are placed in different locations of the Mangrove Forest, where tourists can watch the jungle safely. However, some of these watchtowers are located in the core areas of the forest, which are difficult to access unless you hire the professional help of a Sundarban tour operator.  

Watching wild animals from a safe distance is one of the premium attractions of a sundarban tour. 

3. Cruising on the riverbed

Boat Safari

Cruising is always fun and travel luxury. If you book a sundarban tour with cruising in its list of itineraries, it will offer you 2-way benefits. You can enjoy the aquamarine beauty of the rivers and the confluence, and at the same time, you can view the dense areas of the Mangrove Forest, which you cannot enter without a special permit from the Forest Department.   

Instead of cruising, you may opt for boating in the canals of the forest with expert boatmen so that you can check some core areas from a safe distance. 

4. Canopy walk and mud walk

One of the most exciting attractions of the Sundarban tour in 2022 is the scope of the canopy walk and mud walk. In this program, you can walk through the forest where the path is built on a canopy, where you can watch the woods and walk safely. The watch tower of  Dobanki offers the privilege of enjoying a canopy tour. 

A mud walk is also a safari walk you can enjoy amid a mangrove forest where a mud walk is arranged via a net protected area so you can get the hang of the forest ambiance standing on the ground. However, only experienced tour operators can offer you the privilege of canopy walk and mud walk. 

5. Wildlife Enjoyment

Sundarban is a paradise for watching turtles and crocodiles. You can attend the turtle sanctuary and crocodile conservation center to know and watch the process of animal welfare and support.  You can watch a wide variety of birds from the list of migratory and non-migratory types. Sajnekhali Bird sanctuary is the best place to watch beautiful birds in flocks. Other watch towers like Burir-Dabri, Netadhopani, and Sudhanyakhali watchtowers are good places to enjoy flora and fauna of this place.

6. Shopping in the Sundarban

A vacation cannot be wholly enjoyed unless some shopping scope is not infused in the trot. A sundarban tour is not about visiting the wild jungle and watching the flora and fauna of the Mangrove Forest. You can enjoy the unique shopping scope here with the pure Sundarban Honey, organic brown rice, and handicrafts made with locales. 

You can buy the items from recognized outlets; however, you may talk to your tour organizer about the available Sundarban special items for purchase. 

Summing up:

Sundarban is a different tourist destination and houses a unique ecosystem and demography. Unless you know the place, unlike other tourist destinations, you cannot plan a trip there. Finding a reliable and experienced trip consultant and a suitable place to stay would be best.

You should select a luxury resort like Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. The resort is located at the bank of River Datta. The resort offers urban amenities, professional tour assistance, fresh foods, help with shopping and photography, etc. Book your accommodation in Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort.