You are currently viewing 7 reasons to go for a Sundarbans Trip on your next Durga puja vacation
7 reasons to go for a sundarban trip on your next Durga puja vacation

7 reasons to go for a Sundarbans Trip on your next Durga puja vacation

Do you love the forest, proximity to nature, or the alluring call of wilderness than getting engaged in the hurley-burley of festive days and monotonous pandal hopping with friends and mob? Suppose you love the greeneries and you wish to get rejuvenated after your short Durga puja vacation. In that case, the sundarban trip is a wise choice for you. 

During Durga puja, most of us get off for 4-5 days. It is an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors unless you have only decided to stay home-bound. But wait, what makes Sundarban trip a happy and pleasant venue for a wilderness visit? Is it only natural and staying in mental peace?

If you are a mob-lover, or if you love enjoying festive frenzy, leaving the city during Durga puja may not seem to you an attractive plan, but for daredevils and nature lovers, a Sundarban trip during these days will be a boon for 7 unique reasons. 

"Tiger-Tiger burning bright…."

Of course, the Royal Bengal Tiger is the unique attraction of the Mangrove Forest. While the whole Bengal is worshipping a goddess on the lion, you will enjoy the opportunity to meet the Royal Cat of the Sundarban from a safe distance. The mangrove Forest is the kingdom of this lethal beast, but you don’t know if you will get the chance to have a glimpse of the king.

But remember! Whether you can see the king or not, he is watching you. Don’t you think this mysterious feeling is worth visiting the Sundarban Mangrove Forest leaving the customary festive blaze behind?

But Sundarbon is more gracious than you can ever imagine. There are more reasons to visit the place during the Durga Puja vacation. 

Enjoy the mellowness in the air.

Post monsoon, you will find the greens all sparkling clean. River beds are complete with water, and the climate is serene. It’s not chilling around, but you will not experience the scorching heat of the summer or the sultry ambiance of the monsoon season either! 

During autumn, you will find lots of forest blooms and lovely splendor. This is why, from September to March, bee collectors (Mouli) in Sundarban start honey collection. Sundarban honey is famous across the nation for its rich taste and medicinal qualities. 

Cruising is an added fun in autumn

Sundarban Package Tour

Lately, Sundarban river beds have become highly famous for cruising. It is the safest way to view the deadly Mangrove Forest from a safe distance. During the Durga puja vacation, the aquatic thrill can offer you unique entertainment if you visit the place. 

You can see the ore areas from a safe distance. These places are forbidden areas for tourists because these are the wild abode of the Royal Bengal Tigers. But from the cruise, you can get a clear glimpse, and if Lady Luck smiles on you, you may get a glimpse of the Big cat while drinking water or roaming around. 

Feast with fresh fish delicacies

Suppose you love visiting the wilderness and are a seafood lover (weird combo, maybe). In that case, Sundarban will offer you the scope of enjoying exotic seafood and fish platters. After the monsoon, Hilda festivals are arranged here. You can enjoy excellent Hilsa dishes, which are no less attractive than puja bonanza, at least for food lovers. 

You can try the venue in your Durga Puja vacation for a new relaxation mode. We can bait. You will not repent on your decision to visit the mangrove Forest leaving Durga Puja merrymaking behind.  

Enjoy Birdwatching

Birds of Sundarban

During autumn, under a mellow climate, bird watching in Sundarban will be real fun for you. Colorful birds are available to watch. The bird sanctuary in Sajnekhali and Jamtara watchtowers are the best places to enjoy the bird beauties in Sundarban during Autumn.  

Now you may wonder about the Bird species. According to the recent publication of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) States, Sundarban is the home of 438 species of birds.

However, you will not be able to watch all of them during your visit for sure. Still, some of the regular birds you can find here are Small Minivet, Black-hooded Oriole, Mangrove Whistler, Cinnamon Bittern, Swamp francolin, Grey-headed fishing eagle, Brown fish owl, Osprey, etc.

Don’t forget to bring your DSLR camera. You can get to frame some nice licks from the birdwatching experience. 

Exotic canopy walks and watchtower visiting


Mud walks and watchtower tours will make you thrilled for sure. When you search for solitude here, you may not like crowded watch towers. Speak to your Sundarban tour operator and find out about the less crowded watchtowers. It is always wise to speak to your tour operator to fix itineraries, including towers, mud walks, etc.  

For example, Do Banki Watchtower, Sudhanyakhali Watchtower, and Netadhopani Watchtowers are some places that offer you great wildlife views and a better chance to have a glimpse of the star of this Mangrove Delta Forest area – the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Lesser crowded watch towers and nearer location to the core area of the Tiger Reserve are the two conditions for watching the best wildlife. 

Enjoy exclusive Shopping

Forget about Boutique expertise. Here in Sundarban, you can shop some exotic materials like pure Sundarban honey, best quality brown Rice, and local handmade décor items. 

Summing up:

Now you may wonder how to attract all the 7 tourism benefits of Sundarban in an organized way. You have to initially contact an experienced Sundarban Tour operator who can offer you a signature experience to explore Sundarban in its true and wild vibes but with the best safety. 

One of the advantages of booking a sundarban trip with Madhuban Leisure is the scope of staying in the luxury resort of Sundarban Tiger Road Resort. It is located near the river Datta and is equipped with all the modern amenities to compliment your vacation. 

You may contact the city office of Madhuban Leisure at +91 9903977265 / 9331055704 for booking and tour assistance. Let us know your travel plan and the days you have in hand, and the tour operator will help you to execute your plan.

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