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Bird of Sundarban

Bidding farewell to 2020

Year 2020 taught us many valuable lessons for human beings. We lost many lives and suffered badly. Our economic problems in every sphere due to lockdown.

Conservation of natural resources is necessary mainly in our forests. We had been exploiting the natural environment all over the world .

We at Sundarban National Park were devastated by two major cyclones. Post Amphan the Forest Department had taken great initiative to plant thousands of mangrove samplings on all the river beds and many fruit bearing samplings were distributed in villages to plant.

We at Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort did our best to conserve nature by planting many trees and the major step is rain water harvesting and watering treatment plant to recycle the water to be used for gardening.

Fauna of Sundarban

For the guests visiting Sundarban we were able to provide organic vegetables in our cuisines. 

Due to plantation birds started visiting our Resort and the chirping of birds is quite soothing and pleasant which we hardly see in our cities. 

Hygiene is the foremost part which we completely neglected. Washing hands frequently and cleanliness of our surroundings should be maintained.  Now frequently the Rooms are sanitized and properly cleaned with disinfectant. 

Proper hygiene is maintained in the total premises. 

We would bid farewell to 2020 with many lessons learnt to be carried forward for betterment of our planet earth. 

Wishing all a happy 2021 and staying healthy and happy.