The hooting of the Indian Cuckoo ( Koel as commonly known) awakened me up early in the morning at the resort , the four lovely hooting notes of the koel repeated in short intervals forces you to come out to watch the birds in early morning. The cuckoo lays its eggs in the nest of other birds , which hatch them and rear for some time. 

As the sun rises you hear the sweet chirping of the small minivet peeping out of their nests on the trees in the resort. 

The Mangrove Whistler showing its presence as the early rays of the sun makes them venture out for food.

Birds of Sundarban

One of the beautiful colorful birds very often found in sundarban is the Black Capped Kingfisher. We see them still at once eagerly waiting for a catch of fish in the pond .

At the end of the day the spectacular sunset seen from  the private balcony of my room in the resort is a wonderful experience. As the night falls before you retire again you hear the hooting sound of Buffy Fish Owl sitting  on the tall Pine trees in front of the resort .

A wonderful birding experience at SUNDARBAN TIGER ROAR RESORT. 

Visit Sundarban for bird watching in spring and early summer,