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Dobanki Watch Tower

Sundarban Tour: 8 unique places you may check with tour operators this winter

When planning a Sundarban Tour, you will certainly schedule your days there. Unless you know the itineraries, it becomes difficult to organize the whole day.

Well, contact a reputable tour operator in Sundarban. He will offer you pre-planned tour packages, as tour packages are mostly pre-decided. But unless you know the places in and around Sundarban, you cannot assess if you have rightly planned your trip. 

You may book your resort in advance. You may book a popular Sundarban tour package. Still, after all these arrangements, you should check the list of tourist attractions here. Precisely, there are at least 9 unique places that you can visit during your Sundarban tour.  

Sajnekhali bird sanctuary and wildlife area

Sajnekhali Watch Tower



One of the most beautiful tourist spots in Sundarban is Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary. It is a lovely spot to watch local and migratory birds. 

Suppose you are a bird watcher. Undoubtedly it’s a fascinating spot. But if you are only a wildlife lover, the bird sanctuary will excite you. 

You will find a watchtower made a little higher than the ground level. From here you can see the place around. Moreover, you can find beautiful birds like kingfishers, sandpipers, plovers, egrets, herons, white-bellied sea eagles, etc. You may get to see more birds like woodpeckers, Lap-Wings and Curfews, and different types of cranes.  

Don’t forget to visit the mangrove interpretation center in Sajnekhali. You will get to know exciting information about Mangrove Forest. 

The tower can accommodate 25 persons at a time. Whether alone or in a group, you will enjoy the done view for sure. 

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower: Sundarban

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Located in the National Park of Sundarban, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is a beautiful place where you can take the chance of viewing the king of the jungle-the Royal Bengal Tiger. Positioned just beside a sweet water pond, it attracts wild animals to visit the place to quench their natural thirst. 

However, getting a glimpse of a tiger is indeed a jackpot. But you can watch crocodiles, deer, wild boars, lots of monkeys frequently here. 

If you want to feel the vivacity of the tiger reserve forest, an expedition at Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is a lifetime opportunity. Before finalizing your Sundarban package trip, confirm if the watchtower is included in your itineraries.

Sundarban National Park

Sundarban National Park is rich in different species of flora and fauna. Here you will see 78 varieties of Mangrove species. You can see some unique trees here: Hargoja, Jat Baine, Son Champa, Kankra, Sundari, Tora, Khalsi, Hoya, Goria, Hental, Genwa, etc., frequently seen. You can see the watchtowers, crocodile sanctuaries, turtles (even some extinct species of turtles) here, and different types of migratory birds. 

It takes time to cover the park. However, a good tour guide and prior planning are the best ways to protect the entire heritage site. 

NetaDhopani Tour

It is a semi-historical place in the folklore of Bengal. Behula brought her dead husband to restore his life on a riverbank. Here you will find a watchtower from where you can enjoy the aerial view of the forest. The 400-old Shiva temple will catch your mind.

You can spend some time here. Amidst greenery, you will feel good and relaxed. It will take around 1 hour here. 

Bon Bibi Temple

Bon Bibi temple is a small but sacred temple in the Sundarban Mangrove area. Locales believe that she is the ruler of the tigers. Obeying the rules of Bon Bibi is one of the innate characters of Sundarba people. They always believe that the Goddess keeps them protected from the tigers and other fierce animals. 

During your Sundarban trip, you may visit the place. It is a small temple located in a nearby village. You may ask your tour operator to take you to the area during your tour. 

DoBanki watchtower

DoBanki watchtower is famous for its canopy walk the watchtower. It is positioned in the tiger reserve of the Mangrove Forest. The watchtower is 20 feet high from the ground level, which offers the scope of mesmerizing jungle view around. You have to hire a boat to reach the tower. 

However, you need permission from the forest department to visit Dobanki. It is always safe to contact a Sundarban Tour operator to arrange the whole arrangement of getting a permit, hiring a launch, etc., for your DoBanki tour. 

BurirDabri Tour

Wanted to enjoy exotic places in Sundarbon? If your answer is yes, you should talk to your tour operator to arrange your tour to 

BurirDabri. It’s again a watchtower, but you will get to experience the scope of the mud walk. Located near the Raimangal river confluence, almost at the border of Bangladesh, the canopy tour here will give you an excellent feel of walking through the tiger reserve on the ground.

The whole safari trail is well protected and offers an excellent view of Bangladesh Sundarban. It is a little bit far off from common tourist spots here. But if you want to enjoy a customized sundarbon tour plan, do not skip visiting BurirDabri Tour. It’s worth your time and effort.

Cruising for pleasure and watching the forest line

You can avail full-day boat safari trip for natural views, animal sightings, and bird watching. Especially in winter, you can see many migrated birds like Brahmani Kites and cranes. 

The boat roams through the creeks, and every moment is unpredictable here; you can see a tiger passing by anytime. Crocodiles are another point of attraction in Sundarban cruising, which you can frequently see on the bank of the rivers. However, spotting a Royal Bengal Tiger while cruising is a matter of sheer luck, which is not guaranteed.

If you feel intrigued after reading the lists of Sundarbon exotic places, it’s time to plan a tour. Just fix your mind and call at +91 9903977265 / 9331055704, or you may mail at

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