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Sunset at Sundarban

Breath fresh at Sundarban

Winter setting in and Pollution levels in various cities alarmingly going up and hazardous to our lives.

Take a break and visit Sundarban to rejuvenate yourself and stay in a Pollution free environment amidst thick mangrove forests and plenty of greenery around . Walk down the river bank in the morning to replenish the oxygen level in the body and plenty of vitamin D from the sunlight.  Have healthy breakfast , lunch and dinner from our organic farm . Fresh green vegetables from our garden and dairy products from the village. Stroll around in the village and get to know their lifestyles. Come back after a long hike for lunch and  wait for the evening to view the wonderful sunset from our Resort on the bank of pitchkhali river opposite sundarban national park. Sun setting behind the mangrove forests with boats sailing through is a lifetime experience. Know the tribal jhumur steps in the late evening from the local Tribals during the cultural programme and participate in the event.

Excellent View

Relaxing at the campfire in the lawn in the winter after the dinner and listening to the hooting of owls and lucky favours the Roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger from far away in the mangroves.  Come to this amazing place to overcome the stress and anxiety in life.  Go back with freshness and with a lot of energy and cheer.

Why waste time , pack up and plan a tour to sundarban to breath fresh.