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Organized Sundarban Tour

7 reasons you must try an organized Sundarban tour this winter

Winter is approaching, and it is the right time to plan for a travel trip. If you are a wildlife lover, visiting Sundarban, the most significant Mangrove Forest, will be an excellent choice for you indeed. Whether you are a professional, student, or a family man or homemaker, a travel plan to a reserve forest is not an easy task. Here you may opt for an arranged solo trip, or a family excursion plan in the tiger serve of West Bengal. 

In many travel blogs and articles, the Sundarban tour was getting limelight and focused. Suppose you have read any of these blogs. In that case, you may have started planning to visit the heritage forest sight, or you may have started weighing the option in terms of feasibility. 

Well, there are at least seven reasons you must try visiting Sundarban via an organized trip this winter. 

The temperate climate

Sundarban area offers a highly temperate climate during the winter season. It is neither too cold nor not hot. The river’s proximity and big water bodies make the area slightly moist, but that is nothing beyond tolerance. Instead, the climate of the area becomes more enjoyable here. 

Suppose you love to enjoy an outdoor excursion in a temperate climate. In that case, the Sundarban tour is one of the best options for you to travel. 

You can enjoy versatile attractions.

A trip to Sundarban is not about enjoying the wildlife of the forest. You will get the scope of enjoying an ecosystem where tigers, crocodiles, Mangrove trees, and other animals make a complete food chain. The jungle life will show you an example of an excellent symbiotic relationship where everybody depends on the existence of the other. Hence the system runs on its own.

Bird watching is a pleasure during winter

Regardless you are a Salim Ali fan or not, bird watching during winter in Sundarban is a pleasure for your eyes. The area attracts lots of fish catcher birds, but some migratory birds are available to watch and enjoy during winter. Some of the most popular bird species are available here are Lesser Whistling Duck, Black-Capped Kingfisher, White Breasted Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher, Black Hooded Oriole, etc. 

There are some more attractions in the list of beautiful birds you can watch here. The names are Common Kingfisher, Small Minivet, Pariah Kites, Herring Gulls, Brahminy Kites, Marsh Harriers, Swamp Partridges, Cotton Teals, Caspian Terns, Gray Herons, Brahminy Ducks, Spotted Billed Pelicans, Night Herons, Common Snipes, Wood Sandpipers, Green Pigeons, Open Billed Storks, Paradise Flycatchers, Fishing Eagles, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Seagulls, Peregrine falcons, etc.  

Also, you may find Woodpeckers (multiple varieties), Whimbrels, Black-Tailed Godwits, Little Stints, Eastern Knots, Curlews, Golden Plovers, Pintails, White-Eyed Pochards, and Whistling Teals, which are a few beautiful birds you can watch during the trip. 

Scope of luxury cruising

Luxury Cruising



Do you love cruising? If the answer is yes, the Sundarban trip will be a paradise for you. If you don’t have a soft nose for cruising, the Sundarban tour can offer you a virgin experience. Cruising here will provide you with the perfect knowledge of watching the river beds, river dolphins, and the close view of Sundarban from the closest but safest distance. 

If you want to watch the core area safely, cruising in Sundarban is an ideal way to enjoy the beauty of this jungle area. During winter, the cool breeze and watery beauty of Sundarban Reserve Forest will reach its summit, and it will keep you entertained. 

Excellent scope of photography

Birds of Sundarban



Winter is the best time for photography in Sundarban. Not only can you frame some migratory birds’ snaps, but you will also get to frame some landscape pictures and nature portrait clicks during the winter season due to the clear sky and excellent visibility.

You can book a photography tour from a reputable tour operator in Sundarban. The assistance of a local guide can help you to get some unique snaps.   

You can enjoy excellent food this time

The good temperate climate is one of the best simulators to help you in enjoying foods in Sundarban. You can book your stay in such a place where fresh local foods are served. Sundarban water bodies house lots of river fish: the fresh fish meal is widely available here. You should check with your resort if you get to enjoy here local fish recipes.

Chance of getting some discounts

During winter, you can get to bag some extra price discounts if you book your stay in some luxury Sundarban resorts in advance. Booking will help you to accumulate some additional discounts, which you can save from your travel budget.

For example, if you book your room in Sundarban Tiger Roar resort in advance, you may get a discount. Also, you will get the facilities like breakfast, morning wake-up call, Wi-Fi Support, support of a local guide, pick-up point available, supply of soft water for personal use, mineral water for drinking, etc. 

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