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Sundarban Trip

Sundarban Visit from Kolkata: How to find the best out of many options

Sundarban trip from Kolkata is the best gateway to reach the Mangrove Forest, whether you are from West Bengal or outside of West Bengal. Therefore, tour operators include this part of the tour in every Sundarban tour packages. 

Now the premium question is how to find the best operators to arrange Sundarban tours from Kolkata. However, transit from Kolkata cannot be the only criteria to finalize a Sundarban tour package. Still, easy contact and a comfortable journey are one of the prime points you must consider. 

5 points to check for Sundarban trip from Kolkata

You should check a few points to assess the convenience of the transit journey to Sundarban. These are,

  • Check if the pickup point is convenient to reach.
  • Always verify in advance if the pickup time is manageable for you because you have to face a long journey.
  • Talk to the tour operator and collect information about the transit car quality, the time of the journey, etc.
  • Collect information about the whole roadmap. It will help you to prepare yourself.
  • Check with the tour operator about the availability of snacks, tea breaks, etc., during the Kolkata to Sundarban journey.

Check the hotel facility

Only the convenience and comfort of the Sundarban trip from Kolkata arrangement cannot decide the premium quality of the trip. You have to check the hotel quality of the tour operator, and the lodging should be included in the Sundarban tour package plan. 

Always check if the hotel you will be staying in is safe, well maintained, and particular about personal hygiene. Also, you should check the amenities available with the hotel; otherwise, you may not be able to stay comfortable during the tour.

About the hotel, be sure about it,

  • Its prime location.
  • The amenities available are at par,
  • If the facility of attached bath and supply of soft water is available.
  • If the housekeeping services are good and the hotel can serve you fresh foods.

It is essential to get the details about the hotel in advance. The staying arrangement is one of the prime elements of an organized Sundarban tour package, so you should always know the entire plan. It will ensure the best peace of mind. 

Sundarban trip from Kolkata: Sundarban itineraries

Sundarban Tour from Kolkata



Sundarban visit is about visiting the tiger reserve and enjoying the Sundarban cruise journey. You can explore the wild beauty of the rea in more diversified ways. You may try jungle safari from the watchtowers, or you may also go for walking in the nearby villages with a guide to get the lifestyle of the locales.

Sundarban houses lots of hidden beauties and amazing surprises stored for you. You may arrange a customized tour plan with your tour operator to explore the wilderness with more colors and layers. Therefore, you should not ignore the itineraries: besides checking the convenience and ease of the Sundarban trip from Kolkatalearning the tour plan for the Sundarban visit is extremely important. 

Sundarban eco-tourism: be sure to get the right vibes

You will surely be entertained if you can plan the best Sundarban visit with an experienced Sundarban tour operator. Sundarban is the most popular eco-tourism spot in West Bengal, so you need to get the info about Sundarban eco-tourism from your selected tour operator. 

The best tour operator lets you know about Sundarban attractions and explains to you the importance of Eco-tourism and how Sundarban is counted as one of the most flourishing tourist spots in the West Bengal tourism industry. 

Sundarban trip from Kolkata: know the duration of the tour

Besides getting full details of the Sundarban trip from Kolkata arrangement, you should also check the complete coverage of the tour plan. Book your tour package accordingly. 

Please check with your tour operator how many tour packages he can offer you and tally the packages with your holiday plan. If you have three days in hand, you may book two nights and three days Sundarban trip package. 

Suppose you want to visit Sundarban for wildlife photography. In that case, you should speak to your trot conductors about the cost and availability of a Sundarban tour that suits the best scope for wildlife photography. 

Dos and don’ts in Sundarban

As one of India’s biggest tiger reserves and eco-tourism centers, Sundarban offers some excellent tourism experiences. But the place is not easy, and the jungle is believed to be mystic in an unusual way. It would be best to focus on the culture and demography, and it will be better to follow some rules and regulations, which we have mentioned here as Dos and Don’ts. 

Do’s in Sundarban

Always wear neutral-colored cotton dresses here. Loud colors are not allowed in this place. It may attract the attention of wild animals. 

  • Always follow the instruction of the local guides. They know well the local customs and prohibitions. 
  • At all times, carry sunblock cream, insect repellent cream with you. 
  • Keep cash ready with you. The scope of using plastic money is limited here.
  • Carry power bank for mobile charging.
  • Follow the rules of the forest department diligently.


Don’ts in Sundarban: 

  • Sundarban is a no-plastic zone. Do not carry plastic bottles here.
  • Singing loudly or shouting is strictly prohibited. Do not break the silence and tranquility of the forest area. 
  • Do not violate the rules of local holy places. Do not insult locales and their beliefs. 
  • Do not try to chase or tease wild animals.
  • It will help if you do not consume alcohol while in the wilderness. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Sundarban. 

Summing up:

If you wish to plan a well-organized Sundarban tour, don’t look at the facility of Sundarban trip from Kolkata only. Always book a Sundarban trip from a reputed organizer and ensure your stay at a luxury resort-like Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort.  

To book a pleasure trip at Sundarban, you may call at 99093977265 or 9331055704 or mail at You will get the best deal and best arrangement facility here. You will get all facilities regarding booking a pleasant Sundarban trip with your friends and family.