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Experience Sundarban Tour

Experience Sundarban Tour& Tiger Safari at the World’s most dense Mangrove Forest

Sundarban tour is about an adventure into the wilds. The area is housed in the denseMangrove Forest, and the mangrove forest offers a unique vibe for its guests with its landscape beauty, flora, and fauna. All the attractions of Sundarban weekend tripsare wrapped in a way that can keep you entertained, amused, informed, and entertained.

While you plan your next weekend tour to Sundarbans, let us tell you some of the essential information about the Mangrove Forest. Before you step into the Big Cat realm, you should get some info about the exotic mystic forest as your safeguard.

Best time to visit Sundarbans

Time plays a vital role in a Sundarban trip. Your travel duration decides the scope of exploring the place, and the climate of the site chooses to the best itineraries. In both ways, time makes the critical difference in exploring the Mangrove Forest.

The best time to visit Sundarban starts from the early winter to late spring time, which means in India, it starts from October to March month of a year. However, in the summer, visiting Sundarban may not be a good idea for its sultry climate. Monsoon offers a unique view of the Mangrove Forest and the adjacent rivers and canals, but it is risky and adventurous for travel enthusiasts.   

Winter is the best time to explore Sundarban. Climate remains travel friendly, and cruising in Sundarban is one of the best travel attractions. You can enjoy the Turtle breeding sanctuary and Bird sanctuary at their best during the winter season. You may stay safer from snakes and insects during this time of the year.

Sundarban luxury tour package: how does it help?


A Sundarban luxury tour package is a bit different than usual tour plans. Besides good arrangements, the trip includes the best possible safety, uncompromised safety, and luxury accommodation arrangement. Very few Sundarban wildlife resorts can offer you great urban amenities and the feeling of a wildlife ambiance together-Sundarbon Tiger Roar Resort is one of them.

Transit from Kolkata to Sundarban and vice versa is one of the most significant parts of Asundarban tour because the city life and jungle life are way different, and the journey is extensive. A luxury tour will include safe transit for the guests to enjoy the trip at their best.

Besides safe and comfortable accommodation, convenience is the buzzword of a luxury tour package. For example, suppose you have taken your accommodation in the best Luxury Hotel in Sundarban. In that case, you can expect support like a wake-up call, sundarban tour assistance, housekeeping services, easy access to Wi-Fi, and other arrangements that will definitely add to your comfort level while staying in the hotel.

Sundarban luxury package tour program generally includes cruising. Vast water bodies surround the Mangrove Forest. Sundarban-the most significant delta of Ganga, Padma, and Brahmaputra, also has a vast network of waterways consisting of rivers, creeks, and canals. A luxury tour program can never be executed without cruising through these waterways.

A planned tour program is an integral part of a sundarban tour. Some of the must-have itineraries of a Sundarban tour are:

  • Visiting the Tiger Safari: The Tiger Safari is one of the most popular travel attractions of Sundarban, the Mangrove Forest. Besides being the abode of the Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger, the Safari is the residential place of many other wild animals like deer, monkeys, wild Hogs, etc.
  • Watching the Bird sanctuary: If you want to enjoy a wide variety of birds in Sundarban, the Sundarban Bird sanctuary in Sajnekhali will keep you engrossed for a long time. Irrespective of the season, you will get to see beautiful birds here.
  • Visiting the temple of Bono Bibi: A trip to Sundarban is not only about visiting the wild and dense forest. Visiting the local Bono Bibi temple will help you explore the locales’ religious beliefs.
  • Enjoying Boating to see the dense Forest: It is impossible to enter the core area of the tiger Safari because these are dangerous zones for the easy availability of tigers. But there is an alternative to viewing the core area jungles. You can join the boating program, which starts at the tidal web when all the creeks and canals get water-filled. These waterways are the best windows to peep into the jungle.

A successful Sundarban Tour comprises of best and safe time to visit the place, a tour program, and a peaceful stay in the luxury resort. Unless you contact an experienced tour operator, adding all three travel factors may not be possible. 

Summing up:

It’s time to plan for your sundarban Tour. Suppose you wish to enjoy a well-organized trip in the Mangrove Forest with the best and most comfortable accommodation in the best luxury resort. In that case, your best option is to book a tour with Madhuban Leisure Holidays.

 The experienced tour operator will start your trip from Kolkata and will provide you with the assistance of a local guide to make the journey the best enjoyable. Also, you will get the scope to stay in the best luxury resort in the area, Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort, with the best comfort and urban amenities.

You can enjoy the best foods here. Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort maintains a top-class restaurant to serve their hotel guests fresh and tasty foods. The resort is located on a river bank and hasthe best possible amenities to offer the guests.

Madhuban Leisure Holidays offers professional tour assistance. However, besides routine tour plans, you may try customized photography tour plans with your friends or family members.

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