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Weekend Tour to Sundarbans

SUNDARBANS the largest mangrove forest covering approximately 10000sqkm. Some part is in India rest in Bangladesh. Going for a weekend trip to densely mangrove forest would be a lifetime experience with excitement of seeing the Royal Bengal Tiger and Crocodiles.


An ideal location to distress and detoxify in the midst of lush green surrounding and no pollution at all except the sound of motor boats once in a while. If you are visiting for first time you should avoid peak summer as the weather would be hot and humid. Unlike other forests you cannot go for a hike on feet , since the terrain is marshy and dangerous. Well maintained motor boats are there for safaris for SUNDARBAN TOUR.


Ideal  2nights 3days trip to SUNDARBAN for a weekend to unfold and see the nature and cruise through the rivers and stay at a comfortable resort on the bank of the river and enjoy the mouth watering local cuisine.


You can go for a village walk with a local guide to explore the lifestyles of various families and their rituals in the saline environment with no ground water which can be consumable. Farmers are cultivating rice and other crops in adverse conditions for their survival. You come to hear the exciting and hair raising tales of families who have lost their near and dear ones in the dense forests during fishing, taken away by the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger.


SUNDARBAN is very safe destination for a weekend tour provided you plan well before you reach the destination. Look for a good travel agent or tour operator who can provide you the best of accommodation and safe and secured boats for forest safari with permits.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Question: What is the best time to visit Sundarbans?

The best time to visit the Sundarbans due to the pleasant weather from October to March. Except for a few days of very cold weather, the entire duration of the above time interval is having a lovely weather with moderate temperature which ranges from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans and the beauty of the raw forest without any hassle.

Question : What types of activities can be done at Sundarbans?

Except river cruising at jungle, there are many activities  found at Sundarbans. Among them bird watching, Fishing, nature walk are most popular.

Question: From where we can hire a boat for Sundarbans?

Anybody can hire a boat from Gothkhali or Sonakhali for Sundarban Jungle Safari.

Question: What is the seating capacity of a boat at Sundarban?

It depends upon the boat categories whether it is 4 cylinders or 6 cylinders. The capacity of a boat is varies from 35 to 50 pax per boat.

Question: Do you provide proper professional guide during tour?

Our Sundarban package tour includes best Sundarban tiger safari guide, more than 10years experienced Tour Mentor/ Manager with best crew members who are abide of tide, habitats & wildlife nature of Sundarban National Park.