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Sundarban Package Tour

What special sundarban package tours are high in demand?

Sundarban package tours are the most pocket-friendly hassle-free travel program that people are primarily keen to avail for enjoying the hassle-free preorganized trip at sundarban-the biggest delta of river trio, Padma, Ganga, and Brahmaputra. But how to find the best packages for your sundarban trip? Let’s check the package finalizing checklist before we take a sneak peek at sundarban tour packages available for tourists. 

How to finalize the best Sundarban package tours: 5 tips for your quick search

Sundarban Trip with Family

Searching online for a Sundarban trip advisor is the easiest way to access the list of service providers. But whenever you compare the lists of Sundarban tour packages, you need to check the background of tour conductors. 

  • Always go for a company with an established professional track record:  While selecting a Sundarban Tour Operator, always check the professional business background of the service provider. Choosing an organization with at least five years of experience in a similar trade is good. 
  • Check the review of the existing users:  Everyone claims to be the best in marketing and self-assessment. But only a user can let you know about the unique experience of joining a tour from a tour operator.
  • Study the Sundarban Trip packages:Before selecting a Sundarban Trip package, check the tour duration and verify if the plan matches your vacation.    
  • Learn the process of Sundarban tour booking: Convenience is one of the most critical aspects of the best sundarban tour package. You must book the trip from your place with all the formalities to count it as the best sundarban tour package.
  • Compare the cost and the itineraries:  You should not go for the lowest tour cost for booking the plan. Instead, you should check the justifiability of the cot you are paying. 


Starting from the facility of pick up and drop, arranging your accommodation in a safe and comfortable resort, availability of good food, and secure arrangement of urban ammonites are the value-added feature of an all-rounder Sundarban Trip.

Now, if you find a sundarban trip with all the facilities mentioned above, you can readily join the trip. Don’t just look at the cost; instead, you should check if you are paying the justified price for the journey are have chosen so far.  

Special package tours for Sundarban: Know the popular options before you select

Sundarban Mangrove Forest

1. Two (2) nights & Three (3) days

The Two (2) nights three (3) days Sundarban trip package is one of the most popular weekend tour plan people often opt for. Although the itineraries may differ from one tour operator to another, in standard cases, you can avail pick-up and drop facility from Kolkata. You will get to enjoy Sundarban watchtowers, bird sanctuary, and boat traveling in Sundarban river bodies. You will get fresh food and enjoy a comfortable stay in a good-quality hotel/resort. 

2. Three (3) nights & Four (4 ) days


The 3-nights and 4-days tour program are perfect for those who have a longer time to explore the Mangrove Forest Sundarban trip package by Sundarban Tiger Roar resort. If you consult the tour itineraries, you will find arrangements like pick up and drop facility from Kolkata, visiting all the premium tourist attractions, healthy meals, boating arrangements, visiting different watchtowers, local villages, etc. During the tour, you can also see the resident arranging folk dances. 

3. One (1) night day & Two ( 2) days tour

As the name suggests, it is a quickie tour, and the participants will get a quick view of the Mangrove Forest but not all the unique attractions it houses. If you consult the Sundarban Tiger Roar resort tour itineraries, you will find the programs of visiting the bird sanctuary, the Mangrove Interpretation Center, the Sajnekhali Museum, watch Towers, etc.

One of the downsides of this tour is its need for a night stay in the forest area in a resort. A night stay in the resort near the river and proximity to the jungle may add lots of thrill  

and excitement in the tour program. 

4. Photography tour

The photography tour is set in a time limit of Three nights and a 4-day frame; however, you can customize the tour plan after discussing it with your Sundarban trip organizer. Booking your sundarban trip with Tiger Toast Resort will give you complete professional advice for enjoying a safe Sundarban tour. A wildlife photography tour is an adventure. Hence it would help if you collected a permit to enter the Forest and prior experience to click wildlife photography, etc. 

These are the most popular Sundarban trip packages, but you must tally your holidays before booking a trip package. The trip module may change from time to time. Therefore, it is always safe to check the availability of booking from the luxury resort Sundarban Tiger Roar resort and other allied factors before booking the most desired Sundarban trip package. 

Summing up:

Candidly, there is no simple formula to detect the best package tour for visiting Sundarban because the best plan depends on your choice. Your vacation plan, budget, and the proper selection of the Sundarban tour operator can help you to decide on the best tour package.

It is always wise to consult an honest and experienced Sundarban trip operator, especially some organizations that, besides tour planning, can offer you premium accommodation and food facilities. These intricate service facilities can make your Sundarban trip a comfortable and memorable experience. 

Are you planning to visit Sundarban and wondering whom to contact to avail a well-organized Sundarban trip? Contact Madhuban Leisure, Sundarban Tiger roar Resort’s owner at +91 9903977265 / 9331055704 for booking and Sundarban tour assistance. You may send a mail to

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