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Senior Citizen Group


We often see Seventy percent of visitors to Sundarban National Park are people above 50 yrs . It is very important to keep in mind while traveling to Sundarban specially Senior citizens about certain things which are under mentioned.


While traveling to Sundarban you need to cover 100 km by road Journey till Godkhali Jetty.  So a proper Comfortable Seated Vehicle to be selected for reaching Godhkhali. It is Three hours Journey by road.


You need a proper well maintained boat preferably a six cylinder powerful boat to explore sundarban. So choose the best boat with good seating arrangements on the deck and resting place at the bottom with clean beds. If you get tired you can relax at the cabin.


Finally you need to choose the best place for a comfortable stay. Choose THE BEST RESORT who has a proper Jetty for the boats . One important thing is you need to be very cautious while boarding or getting down from the boats. Ensure the Resort has a proper well maintained clean and hygiene Rooms. Check for bathroom amenities specifically Geysers for hot water in winters.



Choose a place where there is a lot of greenery preferably near the bank of the river opposite the Sundarban National Park,  for morning walks to breath fresh air. Enquire whether they have a water treatment plant or not. Generally rain water is stored in the ponds and supplied to the rooms  for general use , if it is not treated you may get infected.

5 . FOOD

Ensure you get the homely food with less spices and with lots of salads , Fruits and Fruit Juice during your stay. Stay hydrated during the SUNDARBAN TOUR , always drink treated bottled water of known brands.


You need to carry all necessary medicines since there are very few medicine shops in the Islands. Enquire whether the Resort has a proper first aid kit with basic things like , Thermometer,Blood Pressure testing,  etc.

It is paradise to senior citizens since there is a lot of fresh air and calm atmosphere.  If you keep in mind all the above factors, your TRIP TO SUNDARBAN will be memorable and you will return rejuvenated.