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Sundarban Trip with Family

Sundarban Trip with Family

When the entire Family travels it is a lot of fun and entertainment. With children and Grandparents along it is more fun and happy. So we need to plan well when the entire family wishes to travel together. First you need to plan the number of days you wish to spend in sundarban. Unlike regular Sundarban Tour Package offered we do the planning differently, so that the elders don’t get exhausted and children get plenty of play time 

You may be wondering whether traveling with family members will be safe or not during this period of time . Moreover we suggest that it is completely safe when you are traveling with known people and rest we will take care of. 

Sundarban Family Trip


* Sit with family members and discuss

* Fix up the Date of travel

*Explore the Tour packages provided.

* Choose the best available Sundarban Tour package.


*  Packing your bags.

*  Ensure you carry all the daily necessary medicines.

*  Select proper clothing depending on the weather conditions.

Places to be seen in Sundarban 

1 .Gosaba


3 Sudhayakhali 


Things to do 

  1. Bird watching
  2. Boat Safari
  3. Fishing in the pond
  4. Village walks

Things to see

  1. Jhumur Adivasi dance
  2. Bonbibi Jatra
  3. Baul

Now once you know the plan you need to select the right Sundarban Tour Operator to execute the plan .

We wish and welcome you to Sundarban National Park.