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We all are eagerly waiting for the pandemic to be under control and hopefully once the monsoon rains are over and by early winter we can expect to come back to visit the nature without fear in mind.


We can plan our  tour to  SUNDARBAN NATIONAL PARK well in advance since we have ample time during this lockdown to search for a perfect place to stay and a competent TOUR OPERATOR who can take you down with all the necessary precautions.


You can opt for various packages offered by us and compare with others before you make final call. TWO NIGHTS THREE DAYS TOUR would be ideal to refresh yourself amidst lush green forest and cruising through the rivers in well managed boats with efficient forest guides.


Contact us for various Sundarban Tour options from Kolkata including pick up and drop with stay at our Resort.

Sundarban core islands can only be reached by waterways only. From kolkata by road to Godhkhali is 100km and from there through waterways by motor boats.


Entry permits are needed to get into the forest which can be obtained from Sajnekhali Forest office. Visit Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve,  Sudhanyakhali a d Dobanki watch towers.


Question : What are the popular tour packages in Sundarbans?

Answer : Mostly 1 night/2 days or 2 nights/3 days packages are popular but anybody may extend their day. It is better to visit Sundarbans in a group. The main cost of visiting Sundarbans is the boat, thus visiting in a group helps dividing the boat cost, otherwise you have to bear the whole cost of the boat.

Question: May I book a private boat for the Sundarbans tour?

Answer : Yes, you may book a private boat for your family or group. It can be hired from Gothkhali or Sonakhali.

Question: What are the most top places to visit in Sundarbans?

Answer: The most popular places to visit the Sundarbans are Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhnyakhali Watch Tower, Dobanki Watch Tower, Panchmukhani, Pirkhali, Gajikhali, Hamilton Bunglow, etc.

Question: What is the local transport in Sundarbans?

Answer : River Cruises on boats are the best way to enjoy the Sundarban Delta.

Question: What types of food is available at Sundarbans?

Answer: Although multi-cuisine is not available in Sundarbans, fresh local vegetables, fishes like Bhetki, Parshe and Hilsa and chicken is available. The food is delicious and healthy.