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Sundarban Tour Booking

Due to pandemic Covid19 we all are stressed and getting in to some sort of depression for being indoors for too long. School children are becoming restless and impatient. To overcome this situation you need change of place and where else better than SUNDARBAN with the freshness in the air and Pollution free MANGROVE FOREST. Our tailor made ONE NIGHT TWO DAYS TOUR PACKAGE TO SUNDARBAN would unfold the beauty of nature. All neecessary protocols,  sanitization and measures are taken by our team at SUNDARBAN TIGER ROAR RESORT.


Leave your worries for some time and feel happy to here in sundarban.  Have fun time with family and friends during your boat ride munching cookies with a hot cup of tea.


Stroll in our Resort in lush green surrounding overlooking the mangrove forest. Walk along the river side to feel good seeing the fishing boats and people catching prawn seeds. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Question: What is the possibility to get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tigers at Sundarbans?

Answer : The chances of spotting tiger are much lower than other national parks. Because you will be on boat with permission to reach specific areas and not step down and move into the core area.

Question: What are the popular watch towers at Sundarbans?

Answer : The popular watch towers of Sundarbans are Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Dobanki Watch Tower, Neti dhopani Watch Tower, Buridabri Watch Tower, Jhingekhali Watch tower, Bonnie Camp Watch Tower.

Question: Where is Mangrove Interpretation Centre situated?

Answer : Mangrove Interpretation Centre is situated at Sajnekhali bird Sanctuary. It is a museum with a sweet water pond  and  crocodile park.

Question: Where do we find maximum species of birds at Sundarban?

Answer : Maximum species of birds are found at Bird’s island which is commonly known as Pakir Jungle. The best time for bird watching or birding is the winter i.e. from October to March. The climatic conditions in this time become susceptible for the migratory as well as the resident birds of the area. Bird watching or birding can be done through naked eyes or you can use visual enhancement devices such as telescopes and binoculars.


Question : Is 1 night 2 days tour at Sundarbans enough to cover main parts?

Answer: You may go for 1 night 2 days  tour to visit Sajnekhali Museum, Mangrove Interpretation Centre and Watch Tower encounter to the world’s largest single block of ‘Mangrove Forest’. Swashing through the rivers and delta wilderness, you may get to see crocodiles, wild boars, spotted deer, water monitor lizards, kingfisher or different types of birds and you can have a glimpse of ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’ of India