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The nitty-gritty of planning a safe and exciting Sundarban Trip

Ecotourism has earned immense popularity these days. The trend is perhaps inspired by the growing fondness for the natural environment. Be it a riverside basin, a wild forest, or a hilly mountain area. People are now curious to explore ecotourism spots and feel rejuvenated at the proximity of nature. 

The craze for the Sundarban tour is perhaps inspired by the love of ecotourism and multiple tourist attractions. Here you will get to see a wild forest, Mangrove trees, wide water bodies, natural ambiance, unique and exotic flora, and fauna. The most spectacular attraction of the spot is the experience of watching the Royal Bengal Tigers. 

Why Sundarban?

One of the common problems of visiting eco-tourism spots is its pure and natural landscape, creating problems for enjoying the place with comfort and urban lifestyle. From that aspect seeing Sundarban is a happy bait. You can get good resorts here. Few professional and experienced tour operators are offering their travel assistance. You can enjoy the forest, wilderness, and watery beauties safely under the supervision of trained and expert tour guides. 

The scope of enjoying organized and safe ecotourism is the premium attraction to visit Sundarban. However, you need to book an authentic tour operator for your help.


How many days are enough to travel in Sundarban?

According to travel experts from this forest area, at least eight days are requisite to enjoy Sundarban. People who wish to click professional photos usually plan for a 5-6 days tour. 

If you want to explore Sundarban in its authentic vibe, you must book a package of 6-8 days. Otherwise, you may book your tour according to your available holidays.

Sundarban Winter Package

What is the best time to travel to Sundarban?

It isn’t easy to visit a forest area to enjoy at its best unless you know the best season to go there. Sundarban is no exception to this travel rule. 

The best time to visit Sundarban is the time between October and March month. During this time, the place’s climate remains serene, and you can enjoy the forest area at its best. 

What are the best things to do in Sundarban?

You can enjoy many activities in Sundarban like sailing on a cruise, watching jungle safari, bird watching, trolling in the local village, etc. 

You can enjoy some folk music also from the locales if you get to reach there during any festive time. Offering your prayer to Bonbibi temple and Latu Maharaj will surely keep you fascinated. 

However, remember one point. In Sundarban, you may not meet the King of the Jungle, The Royal Bengal Tiger, But be sure that King keeps his eyes on you. So ensuring the best safety is the buzzword of enjoying Sundarban. 

How can I go to Sundarban?

You can go to Sundarban by train, by road. You can always do a Google search but always find a tour operator who will pick you up from the easy pick-up point. For example, some tour operators offer their pick-up service from the airport if you are coming from other states or countries. 

Why should you prefer to stay at Tiger roar resort Sundarban?

Tiger roar resort Sundarban is a luxury resort located at the bank of River Datta. It is not away from the wild forest but situated in a place, which is safe. The resort is wholly protected from intruders and maintains trained and experienced crews to serve the guests.

The resort houses different types of rooms, which are facing the river or facing the resort’s garden. In both ways, the rooms are luxurious. They will offer all urban amenities and a supply of water, the connection of Wi-Fi, and good quality foods.

The resort management conducts well-planned and safe Sundarban tours, cruise excursions, etc. You will get to check different tour packages here.


What are the facilities to book Sundarban tour with Tiger roar resort Sundarban?

The facilities of Tiger roar resort Sundarban are beautiful, and they are well planned. Some of the most critical facilities you can enjoy here are:

  • In house restaurant
  • Room service
  • Reliable payment gateway
  • AC facility
  • Scope of arranging business meetings
  • Power back-up.
  • Modern bathroom facilities attached with rooms. 
  • Both family-friendly and couple friendly.

Summing up:

You can book the tour online. Suppose you want to know more details about the Sundarban tour facility. In that case, you may call at +91 9903977265 / 9331055704 or send a communication at