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Sundarban Tour

How to find the best tour package for the Sundarban tour?

Sundarban tour is not a simply wildlife excursion. It is all about exploring an exotic place in its lively vibes. 

Therefore, you need to find out a tour plan that satisfies your love for enjoying wildlife, covers the best itineraries, offers you safety, and the best ROI against your invested money. You need to buy a tour package that covers all the four points mentioned here for obvious pleasure and satisfaction.

Ecotourism is a buzzword now. In West Bengal, the Sundarban tour offers an excellent option for wildlife trips in the biggest delta and Mangrove reserve forest. For understandable reason, Sundarban Wildlife Safari has earned great popularity in the West Bengal tourism map that attracts tourists from all over the nation and across the globe. 

The popularity has helped mushroom several tour operators with their Sundarban tour packages, which may look attractive and all-inclusive, but in reality, they are not. Suppose you wish to visit the biggest Delta, Mangrove Forest, and the natural den of the world-famous Royal Bengal Tiger, it is not only about adventure. It concerns your safety also. In that case, you need to cherry-pick the best tour plan to ensure a happy, safe, and exciting tour plan for you.

But how to find the best Sundarban tour plan for you? Consult the checklist described here and bag the best deals. 

A flexible tour plan is the most deserving.

Don’t go for the tour plans that are fixed. You may not have long holidays, or you may not have a lavish budget to spend. Try to find an economic scenario where you can cover most of the attractions without exhausting your stamina level. 

If your budget permits, you may opt for two days and a 3-night Sundarban tour plan. It is a standard tour plan covering most of the jungle safari, the objective of adventures, and the scope of viewing forest at night from the watchtower, etc. However, check the tour details and tally the program with your excursion plan before you decide and book a tour. 

Check if a guide will accompany you

Sundarban is not an easy place to chill around. It is a fierce and risky reserve forest, and you have to remain extra alert to stay safe. 

 A professional guide can help you enjoy the place without incurring any risk to you or your close ones. The guide can help you to plan the itineraries according to your stay plan. Also, if you are interested in taking snaps for commercial purposes, the guides can help you find the best spot for bird watching, etc. 


Hire an expert guide but don’t overlook the reference

In Sundarban, you may get self-proclaimed expert guides. It is 100% risky to hire a wildlife guide without knowing his ability, level of expertise, tenure of experience in the same field. 

It is better to hire an enlisted and registered jungle guide regarding your tour operator. You can be sure about the authenticity and reliability of the guides referred by a registered tour operator. 

It is a matter of safety for you too. However, you need to understand that the compromised safety standard in the Sundarban safari expedition may cost your life. So, it is better to be in a safer hand.

Check the tour plan before you book a package.

You must opt for a tour as much you like to enjoy. So always keep on asking your tour operator about the tour program. A professional tour operator always plans and pre-decides the tour plans in their packages. Once requested, they can help you in knowing the tour map in advance.

Suppose you wish to opt for cruise sailing, but you want to skip the night safari watching a program. You can speak to the tour operator about your discretion and tailor-made the program as much as possible. Always opt for a tour operator who has proper infrastructure for different tour packages for Sundarban tourism.

Stay safe while you are in the Mangrove Forest area

You have to book a safe and comfortable resort for staying and enjoying your Sundarban tour. So you must find out a tour operator who owns an alternative too. A luxurious resort, preferably on the bank of a river, will add an extra layer of exotic charm to your wildlife trip. 

Check the food quality, availability of mineral water for drinking, and confirmed supply of soft water in the said resort. Existing visitors will let you know about the feedback of the place you are going to book. So, invest some time to check the social media pages of the resort you have selected so far. 

Try availing pickup and drop facility

It is safer to tie with a tour operator who offers you a pickup and drop facility from a specific point nearby to your place. Whether traveling with your family or a group of friends, a pickup facility will undoubtedly reduce your journey hazard and tension. 

When searching online, you have to be a bit picky while selecting your Sundarban trip package. Do not limit your focus only on budget. Instead, you need to invest time in finding a safe, organized, and professional Sundarban tour package that you can enjoy at its best. 

Summing up:

We completely understand that online search may not always yield good results when you are busy and want to book your Sundarban tour package as fast as possible. Instead of searching so extensively,

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