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Book Sundarban Tour From Kolkata

Various Sundarban Tour packages from Kolkata are conducted by Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. Tailor made tour packages are planned and executed by the professional team to suit every individual guest. Utmost planning and briefing of the Travel plan to all the guests prior to the arrival to Godhkhali Jetty,  from where the cruise starts. Sundarban Tour package of one day for guests who wish to return the same day .


One night two days sundarban tour covering Sajnekhali and Sudhanyakhali / Dobanki . Two nights three days Sundarban Tour to see all the watch Towers and relax at Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. Enjoy the sunset cruising through the rivers and evening cultural programmes. Best part of the tour other then wildlife is long village walks exploring the lifestyle and culture of the people living in the islands. Only source of living is farming and fishing in the mangroves which is quite dangerous. Often the fishermen  who  venture deep in to the core area are attacked by the Tigers and killed and pulled in to the mangrove forest Sundarban. We come to hear the encountersfrom the local folk during these village walks . Tourists are given permits to visit Sundarban mangrove forests and wildlife from various forest watch Towers with all safety measures.

Frequently Asked Question:

Question: What is the best time to visit Sundarbans?

Answer: The best time to visit the Sundarbans due to the pleasant weather from October to March. Except for a few days of very cold weather, the entire duration of the above time interval is having a lovely weather with moderate temperature which ranges from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans and the beauty of the raw forest without any hassle.

Question: Which documents are required during booking of Sundarban Tour?

Answer: During booking , you don’t need any documents but you have to carry photo Id Proof ( Voter ID/ Aadhar card/ Passport ) during your tour.

Question: Why the price varies for visiting the Sundarbans?

Answer : There are many Sundarbans tour operators that offer different types of package tours to the Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal. There may be Exclusive packages with exclusive vehicle and exclusive boat only for your family or group packages with fixed travel dates .

Question: What are the popular watch towers at Sundarbans?

Answer : The popular watch towers of Sundarbans are Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Dobanki Watch Tower, Neti dhopani Watch Tower.

Question: Is a single day tour at Sundarbans enough to cover main parts?

Answer: A single day tour will not allow you to cover the entire forest spread. But if you have not enough time on your hand, you may go for a day tour to visit Sajnekhali Museum, Mangrove Interpretation Centre and Watch Tower encounter to the world’s largest single block of ‘Mangrove Forest’.