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Sundarban Trip Package

Enjoy a Guided Sundarban Trip package with Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort

A Sundarban trip package means a complete tour plan in the mangrove forest. In a standard procedure, the typical components include pick-and-drop arrangements from the city, forest tours, food and water supply during the trip, and advanced booking in a luxury resort. Proper planning of a tour makes areal difference, and booking in a luxury resort like Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort ensures safety and comfort for the guests.

Why Sundarban Tiger Roar resort is an ideal choice to stay?

Luxury Room

Presently, many Sundarban resorts have mushroomed in that area, but all the alternatives are not that equipped, like Sundarban Tiger Roar resort. The resort is located at a signature location—on the bank of the river Datta. The resort has both types of rooms; some are river-facing and others are garden-facing.

Sundarban Tiger Roar resort is a gated place where you can rest and enjoy the best quality safety. The premises include a temple, a soft water plant, an organic garden, and a temple for the devotees. First, let’s check why the Sundarban Tiger Roar resort is an ideal choice.

Besides the signature location, the in-house amenities of the resort deserve special mention, which clearly undermines why the resort is the best place to live.

  • Every room is equipped with an attached bath and an unlimited supply of sweet water. The hotel owns its sweet water treatment plan, which means you can get sweet and soft water for your personal use.
  • Sundarban Tiger Roar resort owns a restaurant that offers veg and non-veg food menus. Besides enjoying your time in the village, you can enjoy authentic homemade foods from the hotel.
  • The hotel offers good customer care. It includes housekeeping service and early morning wake-up calls.
  • Enjoy powerful free wi-fi access and the facility to arrange business meetings and conferences, if needed.
  • You can pay here by paying by credit card or other ways safely.
  • You can enjoy kids play the arena, banquet hall, etc.

Staying in the luxury resort is integral tothe Sundarban tour guide plan. Staying in Sundarban Tiger Roar resort is wise because you will get the necessary entertainment and allied tour assistance.

Sundarban tour with a local guide

Sundarban Tiger Roar resort is owned by Madhuban Leisure , and it is an experienced, well-rated Sundarban travel agency. Arrangement of a local guide is an essential part of the Sundarban Trip package. The assistance of a local guide adds authenticity and an extra layer of safety to your tour arrangement.

A sundarban trip is not only about watching the unique flora and fauna of the forest. Also, it is about exploring the demography and lifestyle of the neighboring forest area villagers. Locals of this area believe in different superstitions—knowing them will help you to explore the site in a new light. Only a local guide can help you to get greater insight from the tour plan.

Mangrove tour with the watchtowers:

Sajnekhali Watch Tower

Mangrove Forest travel is the most popular part of Sundarban tourism. But loitering in the forest is next to impossible because the forest houses lots of wild animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger. Watchtowers in the Mangrove Forest are safe places to view the forest.

Different watchtowers are there in the Sundarban forest, and out of the list,

  • Sajnekhali watchtower.
  • Sudhanyakhali Watchtower.
  • Do Banki watchtower.
  • Netidhopani Watch Tower.
  • Watch Tower at Bonnie Camp.
  • Burirdabri Watch Tower.

A well-organized Sundarban Trip will include all the watchtower tours. Please speak to your tour operator about your Sundarban trip package and programs to be sure about the watchtowers you will be visiting.  

Bird watching:

The Mangrove Forest and Tiger Safari are not only famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger. The privilege of watching migratory and non-migratory birds isone of the most attractive aspects of Sundarban TourismYou can visit the Sajnekhali bird sanctuary to managea wide variety of birds here. In winter, you can watch migratory birds too. However, non-migratory birds can get your attention in non-winter visits in the Mangrove Forest area.

Cruising in the river

Cruising in Sundarban is an exceptional experience. Sundarban Exclusive Tour from Godkhali is generally covered in the launch. But if you love exploring the aqua beauty of this delta area, you may choosethe cruising program in your tour planning.

It is always wise to go with the weather report and with the arrangement of the tour operator you have hired. Madhuban Leisure Holidays arranges Sundarban Cruising during winter, summer, and autumn with the best possible safety arrangements, which you can easily avail.

Boating in the Sundarban creeks & canals:

Tiger Safari is a restricted area and is not accessible to ordinary people. But you can watch the dense area of the forest from a safe distance if you try boating. Sundarban experiences tidal waves, and river water enters a significant part of the jungle. During tide, expert boatmen can take the tourists near the core area so that you can see the sites from a safe distance.

Boating in the Sundarban during tide is a unique experience. However, you must speak to your tour operator about arranging the boating program. 

Summing up:

Now you must be wondering about the Sundarban package tour price from a reputable tour operator like Madhuban Leisure Holiday. You can book the Sundarban trip package under modules like 2nights 3 days, or 3 nights 4 days, etc. Please check the link  

 You may contact Madhuban Leisure  at +91 9903977265 / +91 9331055704 or at

Besides all types of tour assistance, you can avail the opportunity to book your stay in the best luxury resort Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. You may visit the link to get more information on Sundarban.