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Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort

Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort: 7 Best Alluring Comforts

The name Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort indicates the strategic location where it is situated. Needless to mention that the resort is located near the Mangrove Forest area of Sundarban, where you can get to hear the wild roar of the King of the jungle—the Royal Bengal Tiger. The resort is located on the bank of the river Datta. It is a family-friendly and couple-friendly establishment—you can plan your Mangrove Forest trip with your family or partner safely with an amicable arrangement while staying here. 

Excellent room arrangement

The resort offers an all-inclusive arrangement of travel and entertainment. Let’s start with the accommodation provider, one of the most important factors people often check while traveling. Here you will get both AC and non-AC rooms. Few rooms face the riverside, while few are garden-facing, which will greet you with green lavishness every time you look through the window. You may select a room here per your preference, subject to availability. 

Availability of tasty, fresh foods: the resort maintains its restaurant

Sundarban is a popular tourist spot nowadays, but after all, it is a rural wild area. You may only find a supply of good tasty food here if you stay in a luxury resort. The Tiger Roar resort maintains its exclusive restaurant inside the premise. Here you may order both freshly cooked Veg and non-veg foods. The resort offers the facility of supplying mineral water for its guests, which is again a complete comfort here.

You will get here the privilege of a buffet dinner and breakfast arrangement, which you will surely enjoy during your stay in the resort.

The privilege of the water treatment plant

The water quality in the Sundarban area is not up to the mark. You may not feel comfortable with this hard water, and the excess iron in water often steals the shine and sheen of skin and hair. The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is a trendsetter here also. The resort owns and maintains its water treatment plant, which filters local hard water into soft water. Whenever you stay at Sundarban Tiger Roar Resortyou can be assured that the hard water of the forest area will not make your skin rough or your hair lifeless. 

Top-notch hospitality standard

Luxury Room

Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort offers the best hospitality support for all its guests. Besides professional housekeeping service, the resort provides you a morning tea serving facility, wakeup call, free Wi-Fi access (internet connectivity is relatively poor here), a kids’ play area, access to offer prayer in a temple, etc. The crews of the resort are well-trained and know their job with professional sincerity. 

Your stay in this resort will keep you happy and contended that you had chosen the right lodging partner in your Sundarban travel plan

If you want you can arrange a business conference here. The resort offers a power backup facility that will provide consistent support in enjoying the urban lifestyle, even in the forest area. 

Professional tour assistance

The beauty and attraction of booking the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort for your stay are not limited to comfortable staying and having delicious food here. The resort offers professional tour assistance so that you can explore the Mangrove Forest in its best possible way under the best security and guidance of experienced local guides. 

You may enjoy a boat safari, cruising on the riverbeds, watchtower tout, visiting the bird sanctuary, turtle conservatory, crocodile breeding center, and many more, according to your tour planning and duration.  

Safe shopping in the Mangrove Forest area

Are you a shopaholic? Do you love collecting memoirs from the places you visit? If yes, the Tiger Roar resort will also take care of your shopping creed. You may check handmade mementos or buy unadulterated Jungle Honey…pure Mangrove Honey. 

If you want to explore the nearby villages, you can contact the resort authority. They will arrange a local village tour for you.

Well-planned transit Journey from Kolkata

When you have decided to reach the forest area, you must plan the journey to and fro. After all, Sundarban is not located within the city limit. Book your stay in the Sundarbon Tiger Roar Resortand you will get a pickup and drop facility from Kolkata. 

The organized transit journey will make your tour hassle-free and enjoyable. You don’t have to accept the tension to reach the place; instead, you can relish the roadside greeneries’ journey and beauty.  

How to reach the resort:

You don’t have the liability to plan your journey. Just confirm your booking, and you will be assisted in reaching the venue. Pay the booking cost online or via credit card in the most secure way.

If you want to plan an organized Sundarban tour, you will get professional guidance from the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. You may book your Mangrove Forest tour plan according to your budget and available timeline. Also, you may opt for a customized tour and photography tour: in that situation, you must inform the resort authority before booking the trip. If you have a honeymoon or weekend tour planning, you may plan your Sundarban trip accordingly.

Let’s come to the booking method: how to book your stay here.

It is an easy process of forwarding requests. Please call 09903977260/9331055704 , and you will get prompt and professional assistance from the trained staff. Talk to the resort staff in advance if you want to avail the special discount. 

It’s time to act. 

Call the contact number or send a mail to You will get a reply within the next 48 hours. 

If you want to read more about Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort, you may browse the website

I wish you a happy Forest trip on your next weekend at Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort.