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A sundarban visit in summer is not an unusual travel plan. You can plan the trip on your weekends without any hassle; however, it is always better to plan it in a group. The summer season in Sundarbon will not be as chilling as winter but will not be as humid as monsoon. Short tour plans like Sundarban 1-Night 2-Days Tour are a budget-friendly travel option you can always plan about.

Simmer offers a pleasant ambiance around

One of the most significant advantages of a Sundarbon visit during summer is the pleasant ambiance. Unlike in winter, you will not face a massive rush of the crowd around you. If you love enjoying the silence of the solitude, summer is the best time to visit the place. Especially immediately after winter and before the monsoon, you can enjoy various flowers and a flock of birds.

You can enjoy wild animals better

Sundarban offers varieties of flora and fauna. During summer, hardly any animals stay in their caves and are often found loitering around the rivers and canals to drink water and lick the salts.If you are happy to see wild animals lounging here and there in the forest, summer is the best time to visit the place. However, don’t be sure you will get a glimpse of the Big Cat. Big cats are especially loners and love hiding in the dense forest during the daytime. But do not forget the rule of the Jungle: No matter if you can’t see the King of the Jungle. But you are never out of his sight. He is keeping his watch on you”. So, stay alert and follow the rules to stay safe.

You can enjoy a longer time on the riverbed

Sundarban Summer Tour

Cruising in Sundarban is always a popular adventurous program, an exciting part of the Sundarban touring programs. Although rivers in the Sundarban area are always brim-full during summer, the intensity of high tides is not asunsafe asin the monsoon season.   

Although the temperature of Sundarban should have been higher and humid during this time, waterbodies around the forest area ensure natural control over the moist environment and maintain a relaxedatmosphere.

 The summertime in Sundarban is not the peak travel season for the travel birds. Fewer crowdsand solitude will be the bonus for a sundarban visit in summer. If you are keen to enjoy a Sundarban Exotic Tour with your special friend, this is an ideal offbeat time to explore the mangrove Forest and spend quality time together.

There is another attraction of arranging a sundarban visit in summer. As summer is almost an off-season, you may get attractive discounts on your Sundarban trip package cost. Please don’t forget to talk to your Sundarban tour operator before booking the trip.

Now you must have developed a fair idea that planning to visit Sundarban during summer is not bad. However, always find a Sundarbon tour operator with enough experience to guide you during your Sundarban trip.

8 points to check before booking your summer trip to Sundarban

However, before you book your trip to Sundarban, do not forget to check all these travel-related facts.

  • The transition journey from Kolkata to Sundarban is a long one. You will enjoy the trip if you travel in an AC car or an AC bus. During the summer season, always check the transitional journey-related vehicle.
  • During summer, always carry cotton-made garments and go for entire body-covered dresses. It will help if you use a pair of converts or ankle-length boots for mud walks or canopy walks.
  • Do not wear loud colors in the forest.
  • Please carry insect repellent with you and use it while in the forest. During summer, you have to face the irritation of mosquitos and other insects, which may cause irritation, skin rash, etc.
  • Always be sure about the supply of fresh foods and comfortable and safe accommodations. An AC room is a better choice; however, airy non-AC rooms can also offer a cozy feeling in the forest ambiance.
  • You always prefer to have a local guide with you during your forest tour.
  • Learn the Dos and Don’ts in the forest. The more you follow the rules, you will ensure your safety here.
  • Check the weather forecast before planning your summer visit to Sundarban. Always avoid the area if any cyclonic depression is detected in the Bat of Bengal.

Summing up:

Now you know the benefits of visiting sundarban during summer. At least for a weekend vacation, it is an exciting travel plan that you can enjoy with your friends. For a comfortable stay in Sundarban, you must try booking your stay in the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. The luxury resort will offer you both AC and Non-AC deluxe accommodation, an attached bath facility, the privilege of free Wi-Fi, a supply of fresh foods, professional housekeeping support, Wakeup call support, soft water supply, etc.

If you wish to explore the Mangrove Forest and its tourist spots with professional supportfrom a well-known& experienced travel company, you have landed at the right site. Please get in touch withSundarban Wildlife Tourism, one of the most preferred Sundarban tour operators who run the luxury resort, The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. If you book the Sundarbon Tour Package with this tour operator, you will enjoy four best privileges:

  • Comfortable and safe transit journey from Kolkata to Sundarban& vice versa
  • The assistance of an experienced local guide during the trip
  • Accommodation in the luxury resort.
  • Best tour assistance and supply of fresh foods during your travel

Please call  9903977265 /9331055704  to get all the specifics about a well-planned Sundarban excursion. You will get professional tour support as required from the experienced Sundarban tour operator Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort.

For more information about the Sundarban Mangrove Forest area and different Sundarban visit plans from Sundarban Wildlife Tourism, according to your budget and vacation span, you may browse