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Royal Bengal Tiger

Enjoy Wild-Nature from Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort

Enjoying the wild beauty of the forest is an obvious delight for travel enthusiasts.   In India, there are multiple options for forest excursions. Still, when visiting a Mangrove forest, a Sundarban tour is the only option for you.

Situated at the most significant delta of Ganges, Padma, and Brahmaputra, Sundarban is the most extensive Mangrove forest and a beautiful place for your wild forest outing.  But staying In Sundarban is not possible unless you select a place where you can stay safe and enjoy the beauty of the mangrove forest at its best.  The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is one of the best luxury resorts located at the bank of River Datta. It is rated by one of the best luxurious Sundarban hotels by TripAdvisor.

Beautiful rooms under the affordable tariff

The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort rooms are available in different locations like some rooms are river facing. Some ore offers distant forest lines from the windows. In both ways, the window views are attractive and will add a special add-on to your comfortable stray in the resort.

The rooms in this resort are available under various tariff plans. You can book the rooms according to your budget as well as the preference.


Delicious food cooked by expert cooks

Mastery in gastronomy is one of the attractions of staying in Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. You will be enjoying local veggies and fresh dish delicacies. But no matter if you are vegetarian and love to enjoy some specific cuisines, the restaurant of this luxury resort will sincerely take care of your taste buds.

The water of this Sundarban area is not that soft and may not suit your taste of mineral water. But in the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort,you will get an adequate supply of mineral water and soft water for your other use.The resort has its water treatment plant, one of the unique features of the urban amenities available here, and hardly known in other local alternatives. 

Delicious Food
Delicious Food

24/7 connectivity

Your internet service provider may not support your Sundarban tour in terms of connectivity. But the result will offer you a reliable and safe connective in the resort, which will keep you connected with your near and dear ones, who may need to speak to you regarding your Sundarban trip.

Jungle Safari

Besides running Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort, the resort authority will take care of your forest tour also. You can check the packages from the website and book the tour plan according to your time and budget. Enjoying the beautiful mangrove forest will be easier for you with the professional assistance of the trained guides. The Bird sanctuary is located nearby. The Sundarban tour organized by Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort will take you there too.

You can enjoy the riverside view of the jungle using a cruise tour. The waterway will add more excitement in viewing the fierce jungle from a safe distance and the watery panorama of this delta and the woodland at its best. The watchtower tours will allow visualizing the wild attractions of the forest-you may have a glimpse of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger roaming and growling around!

The best part of the jungle safari plan with the guides from the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort team is the safety, authenticity, and excellent scope of photography.

Jungle Safari

How to book your Sundarban trip?

It is easy to book your Sundarban trip with the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort online.

You may call at+91 99039 77265

Mail at:

The resort maintains the best hygiene and safety arrangement here, which is couple-friendly as well as family-friendly.

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