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Sundarban National Park

The Best Things About Sundarban National Park you may not know

The Sundarban National Park is one of the most talked about travel destinations in West Bengal, India, which is one of the ecotourist spots in India. The National Park of Sundarban is housed on a Mangrove Forest and located on the delta of three primal river trio in India-the Ganges, The Padma, and the Brahmaputra.  The Mangrove Forest is a Heritage Site. UNESCO has declared it a unique biosphere with several biodiversity to overserve, learn, and cherish.

If you have decided to visit the Sundarban National Park in the coming days, you have chosen an incredible travel destination, where you can enjoy nature in its unadulterated form along with some unique travel attractions. Other than enjoying Sundarban Safari, if you want to explore the Mangrove Forest in its real charm, knowing the place beforehand will keep you ahead of the curve. Let’s read the most attractive five (5) facts about the SundarbanTiger Safari. 

Sundarban Mangrove Forest is more than 200 years Old

Regardless the fact that Sundarban Tourism has earned huge popularity recently, but the Mangrove Forest dated back long ago.  According to archeologists, the Mangrove Forest is at least 200 years old. The total land area is 4,143 square kilometers (1,600 sq. mi), including uncovered sandbars with a total area of 42 square kilometers (16 sq. mi); the residual water area of 1,874 square kilometers (724 sq. mi) includes rivers, small streams and canals. Rivers in the Sundarbans are the confluences of salt water and freshwater. The forest is named due to the abundance of the Sundori trees here.

  Thus, the Mangrove Forest area is a section of transition between the river freshwater originating from the Ganges, the Padma, and the Brahmaputra and the salted water of the Bay of Bengal.

The area is built with 102 small islands

The Mangrove Forest is not a small area to enjoy and explore.  It is quite big and wide spread. According to the aerial view of the place, here we can find total 102 islands where 54 out of the whole lot accommodate humans to live. But rest of the islands are occupied with are barren.  These barren islands are fully covered by denseforest and many types of wild animals are to live here. Sundarbans (India) is 10 times bigger than the city of Venice in Italy.

Sundarbans was declared as a core area of Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in the year 1973, a National Park on 4th May, 1989 and recently Sundarbans has been enlisted among the finalists in the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

The Mangrove Forest is the home of some extinct animals

Royal Bengal Tiger

Sundarban is perhaps the most exceptional ecosystem that is the home of some extinct animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Ganges and Irawadi dolphins, estuarine crocodiles and the critically endangered endemic river terrapin (Batagurbaska).   Globally it is one of the specimens of the Mangrove Forest that is the home for the PantheraTigris Tigris Species.

The area offers an exceptional example of on-going ecological processes, which helps the biosphere to add many significant changes in deltatic islands and mangrove community.  It is an interesting criterion of the forest that wild enthusiasts will definitely find interesting enough.

The Mangrove information Center in Sundarban will help the interested people to know more about the Mangrove Forest.  Watching the adaptive features are one of the intriguing factors of Sundarban Mangrove Forest visit & Sundarban tour and travels programs with a reputable tour operator.

The water network in the Sundarban: unique boar safari

Jungle safari by jeep is a well-known feature of Safari trip in reserve forest. But Boat safari from close view of the core area of the forest is perhaps only available in Sundarban, which is one of the incredible experiences you can enjoy.

The skill of local boatmen and the unique tidal phenomenon of the Mangrove Forest play a pivotal role in this adventurous travel program of Sundarbon Tourism.  During the high tide, tidal water reached the core areas the forest through the canals and creeks. Local boatmen then take the travelers in the dense areas of the forest  to view the forbidden core areas from a safe distance from the waterbed.  Water level rise 6-10 feet per day with high tide and the water goes down at the time of low tide. You cab see huge mud land area lying flat cramped with mangrove roots.  Sundarban safari  by boating is one of the unique privileges of Sundarban tour you can experience with the help of your tour operator.

Unique experiences of Sundarban Marine world in the Sundarban National Park


Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve is counted asone of the India’s Largest Fishery Board.  The largest brackish water fish production and marine fisheries are one of the reasons behind it.

 You can enjoy the sight of Phytoplankton – the tiny micro-organisms that reflect light in the dark. A new moon night is the best time to enjoy the beauty. You need to join a night safari program in Sundarban.

Mammals frequently seen in the Sundarban Aqua Marine world are Ganges dolphins (Platanistagangetica), Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins (Sousa chinensis), Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaellabrevirostris), and finless porpoises (NeophocaenaPhocaenoides ).

Summing up:

These are the Five(5) best unique features of Sundarban National Park. While booking you Sundarban travel trip, please fix the trip plan in a way that will helps you to enjoy all these unique features of the Mangrove Forest. 

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