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King Crab

Fishing in Sundarbans

Sundarban Mangrove forests is fishermen paradise although life is at stake. Very often they get killed by Royal Bengal Tiger. For livelihood the fisherman venture deep into the Mangrove forests with their wife and other members by small fishing boat which can sail through narrow creeks where they get bounty of high value crabs .

Preparations start very early in the morning, fixing baits of dry fish in the fishing nets to catch Tiger Crabs which are exported. The lure of money takes them to the tiger zone, with no fear of the predator. Often three people venture out with their fishing boat during the high tide, which takes them easily in to the narrow rivers of Sundarban Mangrove forests.

They lay the nets and wait for the water to recede once the low tide starts .Meanwhile the crabs get entangled eating the dry fish baits .They sail back to the mainland with the low tide. It so happens sometimes that before they realize one of the member is attacked and pulled away by the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger in a flash. The fisherman try to rescue their companion by shouting and comforting the tiger in the bargain others are also attacked .


The hardship of life in Sundarban where the land is often inundated by saline river waters during cyclone leaves the agriculture fields unfertile for crops.

They have no option other than fishing and beekeeping. The best of pure honey is available in Sundarban. Various varieties of fish are found in these rivers in Sundarban. The famous Bhetki , Tiger Prawns and many more . Sundarban Tour is very adventurous for people from all over the world. Best time is from September to March. Sundarban Travel is very safe provided you choose the right Tour Operator of Sundarbans.