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Sundarban Tour

Sundarban tour: 8 mistakes you should avoid always

Post pandemic, it’s the time to breathe in the open air. It’s time now, after almost two years, you can plan your weekend tours regardless you are going in a group or you love traveling solo. Exploring the wilderness is an excellent idea if you plan for a short trip. If visiting green fascinates you, think about the Sundarban tour.  

Search online for Sundarban tour info and Sundarban tour operator. Millions of search results will appear on your screen within a few seconds, and you may get baffled. It may seem to you that planning a Sundarban tour is easy and a quickie program that you can decide on at a meteoric speed. Yes, you can do it if you are a genius, but don’t make these eight mistakes in that situation.  

Please don't book a newbie unless you check the best reviews of their service.

A newbie is always welcome in business sectors, but old is gold in the travel sector. An experienced tour operator in Sundarban tourism is a blessing because they know the place properly.  

Sundarban is not a wild reserve forest only. According to the locales, it is full of enigma, and all tigers are not real tigers here. If you want to enjoy the natural vibes of the place, experience and expertise matter here. Book a Sundarban tour plan conducted by an experienced and established tour operator. Don’t mess up with the program. 

Always check the accommodation arrangement.

Few Sundarban tour operators own a resort. Naturally, they hire the hotel for their guests. As a result, the service quality and accommodation arrangement get badly compromised. Before booking the tour, always check the accommodation arrangement to see if it meets your desired standard. 

You can focus on room quality, tariff, washroom arrangement, supply of soft water, breakfast and morning teas, etc., and amenities that can let you feel kingly. Don’t book your tour unless you check the hotel/resort standard scheduled for accommodation. 

Sundarban Resort



Check availability of fresh foods.

You plan to visit the wild forest, but you are from an urban lifestyle, accustomed to fresh and nutritious foods. You may have a unique nose for veg or non-veg foods. That’s different. But don’t make the mistake of finalizing a Sundarban tour without having detailed information about the food quality availability during the trip. Unless food quality is of premium quality, you impose a life risk for a vacation. It’s hazardous. Stay alert!

Water, water, hard water—challenging to drink

Just think of your water arrangement at home. Well, you may not be able to carry your RO system in the Sundarban. Still, you cannot expect your health system will be able to accommodate hard water. You need to plan a tour where you will get to drink mineral water. Whether you will book the trip for three nights, four days, or two nights three days, you must have a smooth supply of the best quality drinking water. Please don’t overlook the requirement: it’s a premium one!

Take the list of itineraries.

When you are visiting Sundarban, expect versatility everywhere. The place is not about its mangrove forest only. You can see much more like Baird sanctuary, crocodile sanctuary, Bonbibi Temple, local villages, watchtowers, safari walk, etc. Some tour operators may not include all the attractions in your itineraries list – in that situation, you can be a loser. 

Don’t forget to check the list of itineraries! You will enjoy the benefits of being skeptical, let’s assure you.  

Be sure about the cruise trip.

Boat Safari


Cruising in Sundarban is a captivating experience. You can view the forest and even the core area from the riverside. In fact, cruising in this forest area will add an extra layer of adventure. You don’t know. You may get a glimpse of the king of the mangrove forest-The Royal Bengal Tiger. Check the cruise quality, other arrangements on the cruise, and the duration of the trip. You should finish the journey before the sun sets in. After that, cruising in the Sundarban rivers may not be safe. 

Don't forget to take a local guide.

Always take a local guide with you who can let you know about the belief and whims of the locales. If you violate the local custom, there is a chance that you may not get full cooperation from the residents. These people are generally superstitious, and they don’t like outsiders to violate the unsaid fixed rules of the forest.  

Do not forget to check if the local guise you have hired is experienced enough. Speak to your Sundarban tour operator before booking the tour. 

Don't forget to check the weather.

The weather may get harsh during summer, and it is risky to visit the forest in rainy or stormy weather. Before planning your Sundarban tour, check the weather report for the next seven days. Do not book the tour if there is any threat of cyclone, heavy shower, or gusty wind. It’s entirely risky to book the tour in a clumsy climate. 

Summing up:

You can easily organize a pleasant and safe Sundarban tour if you take care of the abovementioned 8 points. However, researching all the points may feel time-consuming, so booking the tour with a reputable tour operator is wise. 

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