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Enjoy your Mangrove trip

Sundarban Tour Plan with Gosaba Village: Enjoy your Mangrove Trip

Sundarban travel is about visiting the Mangrove Forest and many travel enthusiasts. But the planning is not that simple. It is not about enjoying green and cruising on Sundarban riverbeds. Watchtower tours, Tiger safari visits, and watching the bird sanctuary in Sajnekhali are typical itineraries all tour operators can offer. But if you wish to enjoy something unique in this area, Gosaba village will keep you enthralled.   You can start your Sundarbon travel plan via Gosaba.

What is Gosaba?

It’s a small island and very near to Sajnekhali Tower. The island houses around 5000 people, but the place is equipped with all the basic facilities of modern people, like a bank, a police station, and some hotels. Initially the area lacked the support of electricity, only solar energy and bio mass energy supply was found, but now Gosaba has a power station, and almost all the islands are equipped with electricity connection. Here the traditional mode of transportation is local boats mainly, so you can enjoy the hang of boating while enjoying the lush green beauty of the village.

What is unique about Gosaba?

Gosaba Village

Gosaba is the last point, the human-inhabited area before the dense forest starts. Sundarban is home to wild and extinct animals, especially the Royal Bengal Tigers. You will find a bio-mass operated power plant that offers alternative energy supply for the consumers of this area. It is a rural area but is equipped with hospital, medicine shop, and offers a steady source of buying essentials for the ensuing Sundarban trip.

Sundarban tour plan: How does it start from Gosaba?

Gosaba is like the gateway to Sundarban. It takes to reach one and a half an hour to reach Sajnekhali from Gosaba, where Sajnekhali is one of the prime attractions of Sundarban National Tiger Reserve, which is generally crossed via a short boat journey. If you want to visit the Sajnekhali bird sanctuary, you must go via Gosaba.

You can visit the village as one of the most interesting human denizens near the fierce Mangrove area. However, you can buy Sundarban honey from here as many Honey collectors(Moulis) are from this village and visit the forest to collect pure Mangrove Honey.

The tourist places in Gosaba you should not miss

Hamilton Bunglow

Gosaba is the gateway of sundarban travel attractions. Once you reach the village, you can easily access severaltourist spots which are full of natural beauty and wildlife attractions.

Hamilton’s bungalow – Hamilton’s Bungalow at Gosaba Island is an admired tourist spot because of its historical mark of Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton, who took active part to develop the Mangrove Forest. This Bungalow is positioned near the Gosaba Ferry Ghat and it was Sir Daniel’s residence, where he stayed for long time. Hamilton’s Bungalow is an architectural wonder built by Sir Hamilton at Gosaba using wooden stilts, which has withstood the ravage of storms and floods of Sundarban area. The structure of the house is a skillfully designed piece for restraining the force of various cyclones and storms of an extremely high disaster causing violence.

Beacon’s Bungalow, aka Bungalow of Rabindranath Tagore

This bungalow is an architectural genius as it had been built on solid wooden stilts. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore visited Gosaba on December 29th, 1932 to observe the development initiatives of Sir Hamilton in the Sundarbans region, he spent two nights at this bungalow. Thecottage isbuilt on the bank of the riverVidyadhariin a picturesque location. Tagore was deeply influenced by this cottage and as a result, he replicated the development initiatives at Santiniketan later. Beacon’s Bungalow, iss also called Rabindranath Tagore’s Bungalow has now become a popular tourist spotin Gosaba.

Sundarban tour plan with Gosaba village visit

Now you know that you can start your Sundarban travel plan from Gosaba village. Besides the beauty and unique layout of the village, Gosaba village is the right gateway to the Mangrove Forest, and its premium itineraries will make your travel plan worth joining. 

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary via Gosaba-Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the confluence of Matla and Gumdi rivers. With a rich and diverse avian asset, the Sajnekhali Sanctuary offers a treat for your eyes. The most noteworthy among the feathered flock are spotted billed pelican, cotton teal, herring gull, Caspian tern, grey heron, large egret, night heron, open-billed stork, white ibis, common kingfisher, Brahminy kite and paradise flycatcher. The area is also important for waders, including the Asian dowitcher, a rare winter migrant.

Sundarbans National Park, Gosaba– The Sundarban National Park is a biosphere reserve, national park, and tiger sanctuary amidst a unique mangrove ecosystem. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mangrove trees stand straight on the mudflats, which are visible during low tides and submerged duringhigh tides. With hundreds of floras and fauna, the biosphere is an excellent spot for wildlife excursion and spending some quality time with nature.

Sudhanyakhali Watch tower

It is one of the signature spot in the Sundarbon national park where you may have the chance to get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The area is located in the core area and the watchtower can accommodate at the max 25 persons at time to view the wildness around. Please speak to your operator about adding the Sudhanyakhali Watch tower in your tour plan.

Summing up:

Now you may start wondering whom you should contact for planning a Sundarban tour and the village of Gosaba visit. You should contact Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort by calling 9903977265 / 9331055704 to get all the details about a weekend Sundarban tour, and you will get the best and most customized tour assistance from experienced staff. For more information about Sundarban and the Mangrove Forest area travel scope and different tour plan details, you may browse