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Sundarban Forest

Sundarban tour package – 10 points you must check beforehand

If you plan to visit Sundarban, it is wise to book an organized Sundarban Tour package. As one of India’s best options for wildlife tours, Sundarban  has earned immense popularity. But all that glitters are not gold. All Sundarban tour packages are not equipped with excellent features. 

Before you book a Sundarban package, you must check all the tour details. Check these 10 points written here to assess the suitability and cost-efficiency of the tour you have selected.

Check the pickup and drop facility




Let’s start from the beginning of the tour. You have to reach the destination safely and at early as possible. 

You may not know the destination of Sundarban properly, so it is always wise to choose a tour operator who will offer you a pickup and drop facility on the route. Kolkata to Sundarban tour package is a standard option. Still, you must check if the tour package is comfortable according to the pickup timing and convenience mode.

Check if your tour includes a luxury resort to stay

A Sundarban package of tours is mainly conducted from Kolkata to Sundarban. Check the transit process before you book a Kolkata to Sundarban tour package. Also, you must find the route and your comfort level to cross the route. 


Whether coming via air or from West Bengal, your tour package must include your staying arrangement in the Sundarban area. A luxury resort with all urban facilities is the best option for you. Before you finalize your Sundarban package, check the hotel you will be allotted with. 

Check the itineraries

Suppose you have booked a three-day, two-night tour. In that situation, please check the list of itineraries so that you can map your trip. Check if you will see famous spots like watchtowers, canopy tours, mud walks, etc.


Also, you will get to see tiger reserve, crocodile reserve, turtle reserve, bird sanctuaries, etc. Here, check with your tour operator if you will get to see all the attractions in this Mangrove Forest area.  

Check the route of the Sundarban cruise

Sundarban Crusie



Cruising in Sundarban is an attractive way to observe and enjoy the dense forest line from the waterbody. The best hang of this eco-tourism garden is felt by cruising. Before booking a tour of the Sundarban package, you must check if the cruising is included in the list of itineraries.

Confirm the supply the fresh food

Having quality foods in lunch, breakfast, and dinner is a requisite for enjoying a wild trip. So, if you are planning to hire a journey with Sundarban package deal, always confirm with your tour operator if he will assure you about the supply of good quality food for you and your family members.

Freshly cooked foods with fresh kitchen ingredients are the best options for eating out because stomach upset can get you in trouble in the forest. 

Check for comfort amenities

Regardless you are visiting a wildlife safari, but you can’t compromise on your urban habits. Check with your tour operator if you will get facilities like the coverage of WI-FI, breakfast, wake-up call, facility of modern bathroom, supply of mineral water to drink, a pool of soft water for personal use, etc. 

In this area of Sundarban, most resorts supply local water for personal use like bathing, etc., for their guests. Few luxury resorts like Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort offer unlimited soft water for the guests to maintain their water treatment plant. 

Availability of local guide

The assistance and mentoring of a local guide are essential requirements in a Sundarban tour. When booking your Sundarban tour package, always check with your tour operator if a local tour operator will be available during your Sundarban trip.


The knowledge and familiarity of the local area will be helpful for you to explore the place in its actual color and vivacity. A well-organized Sundarban trip is not about viewing the reserve forest using a Sundarban boat or reaching the watchtowers, etc. It is also about exploring the customs and beliefs of the locales, their deities, folk songs, handicrafts, and many more unknown but interesting facts. 

Explore Sundarban

Suppose you love to organize a Kolkata to Sundarban tour package to explore the forest area. In that case, you cannot ignore the scope of roaming into the local village or talking to the people who have experience with the Mangrove Forest in real. 


Some exotic Sundarban Tour includes visiting local villages. Here you can see fishermen who have seen the tiger in reality or have faced some unusual encounter with forest animals, etc. It will help you understand the struggle and risk factors these locales encounter almost every day for their survival. 

Buy mementos

Buying souvenirs are one of the pleasant elements of enjoying a Sundarban tour. You can buy from here pure honey and organic brown rice. 


Local handicrafts are available at excellent prices. You may ask your guide to help you find the right resource point. 

Compare the price of the tour

Sundarban Eco tourism has gained immense popularity, making it a center of attraction for wildlife lovers across the globe. For simple reasons, many Sundarban tour packages are available on the market. Before you finalize a tour package, compare the rates and the integrated facilities in each program and decide your bait.

Summing up:

Don’t look at the low cost but always check for the cost-efficiency. When you compare Sundarban Tour packages, don’t forget to check all the points mentioned here to assess the quality and safety of the tour before you book and avail.


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