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Sundarban Package Tour

Sundarban Package tour: 7 points you must not overlook while booking

Sundarban Package tour is the best way to plan your Mangrove Forest and Tiger reserve visit. You have to book the tour under a tour operator who will help you plan the trip in an organized way. These packaged tours are pre-paid tours where a tour operator calculates the entire tour cost beforehand and quotes the rate o the guests or tour participants. 

As one of the best eco-tourism plans, Sundarban eco-tourism is a booming travel idea now. Depending on the demand, lots of tour operators are offering the program in India. If you opt for a Sundarban visit this year, you have to select a Sundarban tour package for your trouble-free trip plan.

But booking a trip is not that easy because tour operators offer a wide range of tour packages with different tour features. After checking all the tour features, he provides for his guests, you have to select a tour operator. Here we have made a checklist for your Sundarban tour package shopping.

Check for the stay arrangement

Luxury stay at Resort



While in Sundarban, you have to stay in a safe place. Your destination is the reserve forest, but you can certainly not stay there at night. Check with your tour operator about the staying arrangement. A luxury resort is the best arrangement with modern amenities. Before you finalize your booking, check if you will remain in a comfortable place in the Sundarban area. 

Check for pick-up and drop facility

It is easier to travel with a tour operator who offers a pick-up and drop facility from your nearest location. It is an easy way to travel to Sundarban. You may opt for the safest and closest pick up point according to availability. 

Suppose you are coming from out of West Bengal. In that case, you may check with your tour operator if the pick-up facility is available from the airport. It will add a better level of convenience for your tour planning.  

Check the itineraries

Sundarban tour is not only about locating the watchtowers and enjoying Sundarban boat journeys. There are more things to explore here. You can visit local villages, you may explore bird sanctuaries, or you may visit local temples to get a real-life hang of the wild area and its demography. Also, check if you will get the privilege of getting the assistance of a local Sundarban tour guide for your tour assistance. 

The itineraries are the items you will experience here in the forest area during your Sundarban trip. So set the program according to your tour plan with your tour operator. Please check if you will be able to customize your Sundarban trip before you finalize it. 

Be confirmed about the food availability of your preference

Healthy fresh food is one of the requisites in the trip you will be booking. Always check if you will be able to get foods of your preference while on tour. Always prefer a tour where you will get the venue of taking food, which is cooked in a healthy way, and only local resources are used to maintain the healthy quality.

If you are fond of non-veg foods, check with your tour operator if you will get fresh non-veg foods while on tour. Sundarban area is famous for freshwater fish. 

Check the availability of soft water

Sundarban is known for hard water, challenging to use for bathing. Check beforehand if you will get a supply of soft water for your personal use. Or you may check if you will get a supply of mineral water for your need. 

For instance, Sundarban Tiger Roar resort offers a supply of mineral water for their guests. Also, the hotel owns its water treatment unit, which converts hard water into soft water and guests get the privilege of using the same. 

Check if the facility of cruising is available

Cruising in Sundarban is a pleasure. You will be able to check the core area of the jungle and the big rivers while on the cruise. Before you finalize the Sundarban tour package, always check if you have the privilege of sailing on the cruise during the trip. Also, check the standard of the cruise: cruising on the river bed on a luxury cruise will add an extra layer of delight for you and your family. 

Compare the price

Last but not least, don’t forget to add in your checklist some time for comparison shopping. Do not forget to compare your tour package price before finalizing the deal. You can do the homework online because online window shopping is easier to get the best bargains. 

Also, you may use the reference of your friends and peers. It will help you shortlist a tour plan without much hassle on comparing, etc. 

Summing up:

If you want to find out the best Sundarban trip plan, compare shopping is the best way with the help of the checklist mentioned here. However, it may get time-consuming. Alternatively, you may contact Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort, where you will get all the facilities of enjoying a planned and organized Sundarban trip. 

Sundarban Tiger Roar resort is located at a signature position on the bank of River Datta. The luxury resort offers many urban amenities, including access to free Wi-Fi, breakfast call, tour for photography, etc. You may get the details like the cost and other facilities, availability of booking, etc., from the local office of this famous tour operator. 

You may call at 99093977265 or 9331055704, or you may mail at You will get the best deal and best arrangement facility here.