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Sundarban tours: 8 best reasons to visit Sundarban during the winter season

Sundarban tours are quite a in demand today. If you check the tour schedule, most Sundarban tours are booked in the winter months. It is neither a coincidence nor a craze of tourism. If we close view, we can know at least eight reasons to visit the Mangrove Forest during the winter.

It is always wise to know the peak time for the Sundarban tour if you want to enjoy your forest trip at its best. So do not go for the trend. If you know the reasons why the Mangrove Forest offers its best excitement during the winter, you can easily plan your Sundarban visit.  

The climate is enjoyable

Sundarban is a dense forest, and even in winter, it is humid enough. The humidity reaches its peak during the rainy season, but in winter, it remains moderate. 

It is easier to enjoy the climate at this time, and an enjoyable environment is one of the reasons to attract visitors here. Regardless you have planned to join a safari tour or Sundarban cruise trip, and you will be able to enjoy the open-air better during this time. The climate is one of the reasons, Sundarban tours are best planned during winter.

Bird watching is a privilege

Fauna of Sundarban
Fauna of Sundarban

 Bird watching is one of the most potent attractions of Sundarban trips and the pleasures of Sundarban eco-tourism. But in the wintry season, the attraction gets bigger. Varieties of migratory birds are seen on Sundarban waterbodies, which you can enjoy from the Sajnekhali Bird sanctuary and other parts of Sundarban. 

During winter, you can see some rare birds, which makes the forest area a heaven for bird watchers. 

You can watch birds like different herons, egrets, storks, green pigeons, cormorants, sandpipers, darters, seagulls, teal, large and small spoonbills, partridges, a wide and rare variety of wild geese, and ducks.

No matter if you are a professional photographer or an amateur ornithologist, winter is the best time for your Sundarban tour.  


You can be safe from fierce tidal waves

During monsoon, tidal waves are fierce in Sundarban, and cruising on the river beds may seem dangerous for the tourists. The proximity of the Bay of Bengal and river confluences are the reason behind it. But in winter, tidal waves are hardly fierce because due to lack of rain, riverbeds are not overflowing hence safer for cruising. 

Snakes and insects stay in hibernation

One of the deadly risks in Sundarban Forest is poisonous snakes and venomous insects. During summer, if you visit the place, you have to be double alert. But during winter, these insects and snakes stay in hibernation and hardly are seen on the surface. 

During winter, incidents of snake bites are rare in this area, and venomous insects are rarely found. 

You can enjoy food better

Delicious Food
Fresh Vegetables

During summer, you may not have the privilege of fast digestion. But during winter, it is easier to digest foods, which is a privilege. If you stay in a good place where you can have freshly cooked foods, you can enjoy fish from the riverbed, which is indeed a pleasure. 

During winter, fresh vegetables from the local market are available for making delicious meals. It is one of the reasons to visit the area during winter.

Seldom it rains in winter

If it rains in Sundarban, it creates a hazardous experience for the tourists. It hampers all the outdoor activities. The jungle becomes risky, too, when it rains. As the place is in low proximity to the ocean, cyclonic weather is a common problem, which is rarely experienced in the Wintery season. 

Weather remains mostly balanced during winter, making the trip safer and enjoyable. 

You may avail of low-cost accommodation

During winter, you can hire non-AC rooms, saving your money in the hotel. Good hotels in Sundarban like Sundarban Tiger Roar resort maintain AC and Non-AC rooms where you will get all the luxury amenities at a lower cost. 

This lower-cost accommodation arrangement is only available during winter, and that is indeed a privilege for the tourists. 

Transit journey becomes more enjoyable

During the winter season, the transit journey becomes more enjoyable for the tourists, which may turn hectic during summer and monsoon. But in the winter season, you can enjoy the long drive and cruise journey more than you do in the summer month. The long drive becomes more comfortable during winter, making the visit a real-life pleasure trip. If you plan your Sundarban trip during winter, it will be easier to commute in winter, and you will enjoy the sunny days more than you do during summer and monsoon. 

Summing up:

The explained points are the reasons for planning Sundarban tours during the winter. The tour becomes more favorable and pleasant during this time. However, you need to book the Sundarban Tour package from a reliable Sundarban tour operator who has earned multiple positive reviews and long working experience in this niche. 

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