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Visit Sundarbans National Park

During this pandemic life in Sundarban and measures taken by the administration and people are showing remarkable results post Amphan which also ravaged the Sundarban  Mangrove forests and the neighbourhood villages,  inundated some islands due to breaching of mud embankments due to cyclone.


But what is remarkable is that the people in the islands are safe and the measures taken by the Panchayat has yielded positive results. They could resist the spread of COVID 19 from to sundarban from the neighbouring towns and cities.

Now islands are safe to visit once the Forest Department and the Administration gives a nod for permits  at Sajnekhali forest office. Unlike other reserve forest Sundarban Mangrove forests cannot be explored by walking through the jungle,  since it is a delta and marshy land .Moreover it is very dangerous to venture due to the presence of Man eater tigers of Sundarbans and forest is inhibited by crocodiles and poisonous snakes. Always stay away from the forest and don’t pressure your boatman to go very close to the river bed , since you never know that you are watched by the Royal Bengal Tiger from the thick Mangrove forests. Since they live in salty terrain and very difficult to prey in the marshy land , they look for human beings who cannot  resist or escape from the sudden attacks. Fisherman who go deep in to the forest are easy targets for the Tigers and every year lot many lives are lost.

So one needs to plan well and take a local guide certified by the Forest department to venture in to the forest by well-maintained Motor Boats. Don’t insist to go very close to the forest to get a better view. Carry good binoculars for sporting animals and reptiles.



Sundarban is inhibited by Monitor Lizards,  Dolphins, wild boars, deers and various birds other than the famous Royal Bengal Tigers.



Tigers are generally spotted when they cross the narrow rivers or when they walk past the river edges of the forest. So spotting a tiger needs lot of patience and time. One should not make noise and shout when you venture in to the forest by boat.

Prior to taking a journey to Sundarbans look for a Tour Operator or a Resort / Hotel which can cater to all your needs . Some prefer to stay on boats at night although it is not comfortable to everyone. Boats are anchored in the middle of the river adjacent to a village and one should very very careful while staying in boat at night. Should not venture out without the permission of the Boatmen or guide and obey all the rules and regulations.
Look for a Good Service provider by reading the reviews given by the genuine travellers who can provide you a better Sundarbans Tour covering all the watch towers and accommodation at a decent Resort or Hotel with all basic amenities. One cannot look for luxury in Sundarbans due to various environmental issues. The ground water is saline, so no swimming pools in any resorts. No public restaurants , you need to rely on the service provider for food and all your needs. They are well equipped to cater to your needs , Summers are hot and humid , according to your requirements you can choose air-conditioned rooms , ( available at night time from 8 pm to 6 am ) since some are run by generators. There is no specific local cuisine , but they serve to the needs to the traveller’s. Specify if you are a vegetarian then they would be able to cater better.

Wear dark coloured clothes of loose fitting  and  shoes, carry sunscreen,  sunglasses,  cap and a torch light . Don’t venture out at night from your resort,/ Hotel / boat. There is no night safari and it is prohibited and punishable.


Finally it is the good time to visit Sundarban National Park from September to March . Plan and visit Sundarban in the coming festive season.

Frequently Asked Question:

Question: Why is Sundarbans National Park famous?

Answer: Sunderbans National Park was declared as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger in 1973 by Government of India and was given the status of the national park in 1977. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites too. The huge marshy delta of two great Indian rivers as Ganges and Brahmaputra expands over areas, which include the mangrove forest, marsh land and jungle island all mixed in a system of small rivers and also some streams. Sunderbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world.

Question: What are the inclusion of Sundarbans Tour Package if anybody want to go from Kolkata?

Answer: We arrange regular packages from Kolkata on sharing basis as well as private basis. Package includes up and down car fare from Kolkata to Gothkhali , Accommodation in our Resort ( Both AC and Non Ac rooms are available) , All meals ( Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks & Dinner), All Sightseeing as per itinerary, Forest permit & Guide charges, Cultural programme.

Question: Is it safe to visit Sundarbans jungle?

Answer : While the Sundarbans National Park makes up the core zone with the highest concentration of tigers, the buffer zone is made up of the Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary. The area that tourists get to visit is the well-defined Eco-tourism zone where the incidence of any fatalities is extremely rare and to visit the Sundarban by a proper guide is completely safe and secure. You have to arrange your Sundarban tour by a proper professional tour operator to make your tour proper and attractive also.


Question: What are the main occupations of the people of Sundarbans?

Answer: Majority of the population is dependent on agriculture in the absence of any major industry.  There is an acute shortage of drinking water in the villages.  People without any land are dependent on professions like fishing and tiger prawn seed collection and honey collection which is causing large scale damage to marine biodiversity.