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Natural Beauty of Sundarban

7 tips to stay safe while in Sundarban Wild Safari

Suppose you are planning for a cozy but adventurous weekend tour in a safe environment. In that case, the Sundarban tour is an attractive option. The most significant delta of the Ganges and the River Padma, and the Brahmaputra houses one of the enormous rain forests in India… Sundarban by name. It is a reserve forest, and you will get to find exotic flora and fauna here.

What makes Sundarban a lovely tour venue is the scope of its Jungle safari. But all of a sudden, you should not plan to visit the forest. According to one of the pro travel consultants, you should schedule your Sundarban wild safari tour with advanced arrangements. Here we have suggested 7 essential points that you should count on when planning the time.

Find a good and experienced tour operator

Online search is the best convenient way to get the name of the leading tour operators in the Sundarban area. Look for the experienced one with at least 4-5 years of experience in conducting tours in the Sundarban Forest area.

Don’t go for the self-proclaimed tour operators. You should check the websites, the reviews posted by the existing users, and the social media postings of these tour operators to guess the standard of their service in advance. 

Unless you are sure of the tour operator’s expertise you have selected, your Sundarban tour experience may not be enjoyable enough. 

You must check the itineraries before you plan your tour

Sundarban area is quite vast. From the Indian side, you will be able to visit the Sundarban area that is within the Indian Border. The Indian Sundarban province consists of 4,200 sq km of reserved forests and 5,400 sq. km of non-forest area, which is 9600 sq. km. The Sundarban Tiger Reserve is spread over 2585 sq. km and spread over the reserve forest area.   Besides the giant Mangrove Forest of Asia, the place will offer you a network of canals, rivers, and tributaries consisting of enormous water bodies and estuaries. 

So you wish to explore this wild area in its real vibes, you need to know the available itineraries. It would help if you planned it to enjoy the best tour experience with your friends or family. 

Jungle Safari

Compare different tour plans and related packages

Pro shoppers always suggest comparative shopping. It is advantageous and can help you to bag the best deals. The tour of Sundarban is no exception. Whether you have shortlisted one tour operator or more than one option, do not forget to compare the proposed tour plans according to your budget and availability of time.

This is the best way to enjoy your Sundarban excursion with a pre-planned tour program.

Book in advance a safe and comfortable resort in Sundarban

 Sundarban wildlife tour is not a one-night stand for forest enthusiasts. If you are one of them, arrange at least 3-4 days’  time in hand. It will help you to get the best hang of the area. To enjoy the best, you have to book a luxury resort in the prime location of this jungle.

For example, you may try your booking in Sundarban Tiger Roar resort. The resort is located at the bank of River Datta. The setup is built with all urban facilities and amenities under different budget ranges. 

Be assured that you will have good quality foods here

If you want to enjoy your Sundarban Jungle safari at the fullest, you have to stay healthy- safe. Only good foods can keep you healthy and energized. 

Would you please check twice about the food quality of the resort you have booked? For example, Sundarban Trigger Roar resort offers excellent and fresh foods well-cooked by trained cooks. 

Verify the availability of safe and good quality drinking water

There is a famous line of poetry” water, water – everywhere, nor a drop to drink”. Sundarban suffers from the same situation. You will get the volume of water in the rivers around, but these rivers will not offer you sweet drinking water. 

One of the golden rules of planning a tour here and booking a resort here is verifying the availability of sweet drinking water.

Sundarban Tiger Roar resort not only offers its guests mineral water, but it also maintains a personal water treatment plant. You will get here soft water to use for your personal uses. 

Book an experienced safari guide with you

It is not safe to move in the Mangrove Forest area without a guide. So, its mandatory to engage a reliable guide for your tour safety and journey coordination. The guide should be a professional one who can help you to manage sudden problems amicably.

Summing up

These are the 7 golden rules you must check at the time of planning a Sundarban tour. Alternatively, for quick booking you may contact phone numbers at+91 9903977265 / 9331055704. You may send the resort authority an email enquiry at