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8 things to do in a Sundarban Forest tour for a fun-filled holiday experience

Sundarban forest tour is one of the best options if you love exploring wilderness and you are a travel enthusiast. Sundarban—the name evokes reverence because of its unique characteristics. The biggest mangrove forest in India houses Sundori trees that are assumed responsible for the name of this Tiger reserve forest.

Now, what makes Sundarbanforest tour an entertaining travel program? If you love infusing entertainment and excitement in your wild trip in Sundarban, you need to know in advancethe itineraries you can enjoy there.

The best part of a well-organized Sundarban Forest tour is its scope of versatility.  Enjoying wilderness, water beauty, or bird watching are the common program agenda. You can add some more exciting programs like enjoying folk culture, having scrumptious fish meal, enjoying safari from watchtowers, wondering in local villages, etc., in your trip easily. You have to select your tour package meticulously.

Before you start searching for the best Sundarban tour plans available for online booking, let’s know first the eight best things you can do here to keep yourself entertained. 

Exploring Sundarban

Obviously exploring the reserve forest is one of the primary-aims of planning the trip.  So, you have to plan your trip accordingly with your tour operators. You can enjoy watchtower tours to enjoy the forest and the wild animals. Night watching of the jungle from the watch tower can be your memorable experience here.

Who known with deer and wild fox, you may get a glance of the king—the Royal Bengal Tiger?  It’s indeed a prospect but you must have the luck of gaining a jackpot!

Enjoying the beauty of water bodies

View of River

Sundarban is located at the delta of the rivers Ganges, Padma, and Brahmaputra. The area is near to the Bay of Bay of Bengal and has several rivulets and canals forming huge waterbodies and waterways.  Cruising via these rivers and waterbodies is a great pleasure as well as a grand way to close view the reserve forest.

 Also, cruising is the best way to view the core areas of tiger sanctuary where you cannot go usually without permission.  While cruising, you will get to see River Dolphins, which is one of the main attractions of Sundarban Forest tour.

Bird watching: Sajnekhali Bird sanctuary

Wild Life

If you love exploring wild forests, you mostly have a knack for bird watching, which is abundantly available in Sundarban area. Sajnekhali in Sundarban houses a bird sanctuary and you can always enjoy lots of Indian and some migratory birds. Some of the most known birds you can watch here are Sandpipers,Kingfishers, Herons, Open Billed Stork,Caspian Tern, Whimbrels, White Bellied Sea Eagles, etc.

Enjoy the scope of wild photography



Sundarban is a paradise for wild-lifephotographers.  The wild flora and fauna, the widespread water bed, river dolphins, crocodiles, etc. can be the excellent object of shooting that photography enthusiasts will always love to frame.

Sundarban forest tour is not only for the amateur travelers. Professional photographers will enjoy the tour for the awesome landscape quality and satisfaction of their professional interest.

Touring the local village

If you want to explore Sundarban area precisely, you cannot skip the scope of visiting the local village.  You can meet the locales; you will get to know spine chilling encounter stories with tiger or crocodiles, which is a part of the survival here.

By touring local village, you will be able to meet local fishermen or the honey hunters, who visit the jungle area almost everyday for their livelihood. Want to get the hang of real Sundarban?  They will share their experience in their way.

Visit Netadhopani Temple

It is 400-year-old temple and the goddess is a local one, known for her power to keep people protected.  Visiting the temple will be a rare experience for you if you want to explore the culture and beliefs of the people residing around the forest. You will feel the customs they followto survive through the tough challenges the forest offers them daily.

Enjoy fresh food and fish meal

Delicious Food

Food lovers will find the wild safari a scrumptious place to enjoy fresh river fish.  Book your stay in a resort where food quality already has attracted good reviews and they offer fresh fish meal.  It will be a beautiful experience for you.

Fresh food away from home is a blessing.  If you get to enjoy fresh foods and fresh mineral water in Sundarban area, it will be an exotic experience indeed.

Bhagabatpur Crocodile sanctuary

Wild Life

Nearby Bhagabatpur offers you the scope of visiting a crocodile sanctuary. You will get to see here crocodiles of different age group. If you have interest to know about crocodile breeding, the sanctuary is a good place to invest time here.

Summing up:

These are the eight exotic plans you must include in your Sundarban tour plan.  However, book your tour package with a tour operator who has a place to offer you to stay at night, where you can enjoy good food, morning breakfast, good amenities to maintain personal hygiene, etc.

Are you wondering now how to combine both the benefits of staying safe and happy and exploring Sundarban Forest at its best? Do not worry! You may contact Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort. Call at +91 9903977265 / +91 9331055704, or mail us at Yu will get all sort of assistances to organize a fun filled safe, and hygienic Sundarban Forest tour. You may raise a request for customized Sundarban tour program if needed.  Before you contact, you may visit the link to get the hang of this Heritage site virtually.