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Sundarban Tour from Kolkata


Sundarbans is the most amazing nearest destination from Kolkata. If you are visiting Kolkata from anywhere in the world,  don’t miss visiting Sundarban National Park. The world’s biggest conglomerate of Mangrove Forests,  a World Heritage Site.

If you don’t have enough time you can go for a Day Trip. But preferably a One Night Two Days Trip  or Two Nights Three Days Trip recommended to cover major spots of Sundarban on the Indian territory.

Summer is around the corner and you need to plan properly to visit Sundarban. 

Although morning and evenings are pleasant, day time is hot and you should carry a Umbrella,  Cap , Sunscreen and wear light cotton clothes.

Start early in the morning for the safaris so that you are back to your Hotel/Resort by afternoon to take rest.

Select the right Hotel which has all the basic amenities for your comfortable stay during your visit to Sundarban.

So don’t miss out Sundarban during your visit to Kolkata.

Sunset at Sundarban