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Sundarban Trip: Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort

The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort, an extraordinary sanctuary nestled forest resort, is nestled amidst the stunning wilderness of the Sundarbans. While staying here, you can Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site as you go on board on an unforgettable adventure. The resort can offer you a perfect blend of comfort and safety, letting you experience the true essence of the forest tour you have planned for your vacation. With luxurious urban-styled accommodations, delectable cuisine, and thrilling wildlife tour programs, you will be enthralled, entertained, and engrossed in your travel binge.

The resort offers the facility of an urban style of furnishing, attached toilets in European style, and the privilege of morning wake-up call, serving bed tea or the arrangement of fresh breakfast well done, etc. along with the facility of virtual payment by safe gateways, top-notch hospitality from the staffs and 1005 hygienic environment around.

Signature panoramic location

The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resortis in the midst of green scenic beauty and on the bank of the free-flowing river Datta, which is close to the Mangrove Forest area. The luxury resort offers two types of rooms: AC and non-AC. Guests can book their room either on the river-facing side or on the garden-facing side according to their travel budget and the condition of the climate outside. There is total 20 rooms in the resort under AC non-Ac and deluxe categories.

The resort is well-constructed ,with a well-maintained garden and a temple where you can pray.

The luxury resort houses kids playing area, an exclusive restaurant

The Sundarbans Tiger Roar Resort is a gala destination for weekend family tours. The resort is family-friendly too. No matter if you have young members with you to visit the Mangrove area. You can always keep them entertained in the kids’ play zone of the resort. The luxury resort maintains its restaurant where the guests can order their meals according to their preferred palate. The restaurant serves veg and non-veg plates; if you love fish plates, the restaurant can offer you the best local fish delicacies.

Besides delicious fresh foods, the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort supplies mineral water for drinking because the local water quality of the Mangrove Forest area is too hard to digest.

You will never be out of the way of your friends and family

 Internet services are not quickly or randomly available in the Mangrove Forest area. Your mobile network may not consistently accompanyyou but wait! The resort will offer you Wi-Fi access toconnect with your friends and community virtually. You can use the internet service when required while staying in the resort.

The resort owns its water treatment plant

The water quality in the Mangrove area is not at par. The water quality is not suitablefor skin and hair, whichcan irritate your skin and hair – but in the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort, you will get soft quality water for your personal use. You will not risk your skin or hair for your Sundarban travel. The resort will keep you happy,and owning a water treatment plant provides the alternative with greater control, cost savings, sustainability, reliability, and compliance. It’s a valuable asset of the resort that promotes the smooth operation of the resort and enhances the guest/hospitality experience.

You will get professional tour assistance from Madhuban Leisure

2 Nights 3 Days Sundarban Package

The resort is owned and run by Madhuban Leisure, a veteran travel operator company with a successful record of offering tour assistance to its guests for almost a decade. Besides booking your stay in the resort, you can opt for the tour packages like a watchtower tour, Sundarban cruising, photography tour, family tour, customized group tour, etc.

You may also book from here popular tour packages like the Honeymoon tour, Sundarban weekend tour,Sundarban Adventure trip, and Sundarban Forest Trip. Every tour program is aided by well-chosen itineraries, local guides, and well-organized tour programs at the most affordable/reasonable cost.

Corporate event hosting

The luxury resort offers convenient features to accommodate/host business meetings. The place is well equipped to serve food and refreshments, prepare business meetings in the big banquet hall, etc. The luxury resort offers a power backup facility, private car service, etc. If you are looking for an outskirt-city destination for your corporate event hosting/sales meeting, etc., the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is an ideal place for you.

You will be assisted with the transition journey

One of the most exciting parts of booking a Sundarban tour via Madhuban Leisure is its easy availability. Once your time is booked, you can reach the resort by a pre-booked transitional journey. The to and fro journey to the Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort from Kolkata and vice versa is one of the interesting aspects of booking a tour via Madhuban Leisure—the experienced travel operator. 

Sundarban Tiger Resort-a couple-friendly resort

The Sundarbans Tiger Roar Resort is a couple-friendly resort. With due documents and prior reservation facility, you can enjoy your Sundarban travel plan with your special friend in a friendly and welcoming ambiance. You can book your tour by calling the city office and designated phone numbers or by mailing it to the specified email address of the company.

Let’s find the booking method: how to book your stay here.

 It is an easy process of processing requests. Please call 9903977265/ 9331055704 , and you will get prompt and professional assistance from the resort staff. Talk to the resort representatives in advance if you want to avail of the special discount/ for group booking/corporate event arrangement, etc.

Call the contact number or send a mail to You will get a reply within the next 48 hours. 


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