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Sundarban Package during Spring


The best time to visit Sundarban National Park is during this time . Winter gradually setting down and sunny days of spring gives you a good opportunity of siting wildlife.

Post COVID 19 people who have gone through the tough days of anxiety and pain of losing their livelihoods and who have recovered from this pandemic,  need a trip to a place where they can breathe fresh air and have pure organic food.

Sundarban is the ideal destination for a short weekend trip from Kolkata. Before SUNDARBAN TOUR you need to search for a right place to stay and a proper forest guide to take you to right places during your Sundarban Tiger Reserve forest safaris.

Since the month of January Forest permit for the Sundarban Tiger Reserve forest is only available online. So contact the right Sundarban Tour Operator for your stay in sundarban,  proper well maintained Boat for safari and most importantly Forest Guide. Many names are seen in the list but ask the local travel agent or resort for selecting the right guide for your trip.

Gide charges and boat permit charges are fixed by the Forest department,  you need not to pay more for best guide. So choose the right Guide for hassel free and wonderful  upcoming Sundarban trip.

Come and rejuvenate yourself after the tough days of pain and suffering during covid. You will feel better when you go back home after spending some good time in Sundarban National Park.


Frequently Asked Question:

What is the best time to visit Sundarbans?

Answer :  It is the best time to visit the Sundarbans due to the pleasant weather from October to March. Except for a few days of very cold weather, the entire duration of the above time interval is having a lovely weather with moderate temperature which ranges from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans and the beauty of the raw forest without any hassle.


What types of boat or cruises are found in Sundarbans jungle safari?

Answer . At Sundarbans 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder boats are available for jungle safari . Some luxurious cruise are there like Vivada Cruise etc.  One may enjoy the thrill of cruising the narrow channel deep inside the Mangrove forest.


What types of activities can be done at Sundarbans?

Answer.  Except river cruising at jungle, there are many activities  found at Sundarbans. Among them bird watching, Fishing, nature walk are most popular.

Is it safe to stay in boat at night?

Answer .  Yes, It is completely safe to stay in  boat at night but one have to sure about the life jacket, proper clean bedding etc.  There are accommodations of different budget, book as you prefer. There is no boat house in Sundarban like Kerala (Alleppey/Kumarokom) or Kashmir. But we suggest  staying at Resorts or hotels is more comfortable than staying at boat especially for family members.