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Sundarban tiger roar resort

10 Unique reasons to stay at Sundarban Tiger Roar resort

The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is one of the best luxury resorts in the Sundarban area. Suppose you wish to enjoy your sundarban trip at its best, besides planning itineraries. In that case, you have to arrange your accommodation in a place where you can enjoy comfort, safety, solace, and professional assistance to enjoy your trip. 

If you book your accommodation in the Sundarban Tiger Roar resort, be assured that you will enjoy a peaceful stay here for at least 9 unique reasons. 

Signature location

We can safely assume that when you visit Sundarban, you love the proximity to nature. Sundarban Tiger Roar resort is located on the bank of the river Datta. It is a signature location where you can enjoy the beauty of the flowing river and the distant glimpse of the forest from the comfort and safety of your room. If you are not fond of the river view, you can select a room in the lodge that faces the garden and enjoy the green beauty of the well-maintained garden beauty of the resort. 

The rooms are well-equipped

Luxury Room

All the rooms of Sundarban Tiger Roar resort are well equipped with urban amenities like an attached bathroom, AC-facilitated rooms, professional room service support, the privilege of accessing free Wi-Fi, etc. You will get services like a wake-up call, breakfast buffet, etc., and arrangements to feel pampered and comfortable during your stay in the resort. 

You will get AC and Non-AC rooms, which you can select according to your budget. Apart from all these amenities, the resort offers exclusive services like kids’ activities, family-friendly arrangements, etc.  

Fresh and good foods are available here.

A visit to the wilderness is no doubt an exciting adventure. Still, you must stay healthy while enjoying the forest trip. Having fresh and good foods in the diet is a prerequisite for enjoying a gala trip in the Mangrove Forest. 

Sundarban Tiger Roar resort offers veg and non-veg foods for you during your stay in the hotel. The hotel maintains its restaurant, where boarders can place their orders according to their choice. 


You can hire bicycles here.

You can roam around on a bicycle if you wish to explore Sundarban and its locale. From Sundarban Tiger Roar resort, you can hire a good quality bicycle at a pocket-friendly price. It can add extra fun to cycling adventures around the area, including local villages, temples, etc. However, you should find an experienced local guide to enjoy the best safety and protection on your bicycle ride. 

Enjoying cruising

Sundarban Tour Package

Cruising in Sundarban is an exotic experience if you can hire the best tour operator. You will find this tip in many blogs and travel vlogs. However, following the tips to find the best and the safest cruising partner can be daunting for you. But with Madhuban Leisure , you can enjoy your cruising journey in Sundarban at its best. 

You might be worried about the authenticity and connection to Sundarban Tiger Roar resort! The company owns the resort and runs the entire show along with an exquisite Sundarban tour plan under their flagship brand, arrangement, infrastructure, etc. Just book your stay in the resort and discuss with the resort authority about the Sundarban trip details. 

Well-planned Sundarban tour

Now you know that you can hire an experienced Sundarban tour operator by choosing the Sundarban Tiger Roar resort as your staying abode in this Mangrove Forest trip venture. Yes! You are absolutely right! You can book, plan and organize a safe, pleasing, and exciting Sundarban tour package with Madhuban Leisure, the owner of Sundarban Tiger Roar resort.  

Just contact the city office of the Trip Advisor listed Sundarban Tour Operator Madhuban Leisure, and choose a tour plan according to your budget, time-in-hand, and objective, if any. It is simple and easy. 

Supply of adequate soft water

Touring in Sundarban is not about enjoying watchtower, cruising, or enjoying bird beauties only. Suppose you want to explore the Mangrove Forest area. In that case, you have to understand the locales, their superstition, rituals, their struggles, etc. Only a local guide can help you to understand that. A local guide’s presence will help you explore Sundarbon in its original vibes and the actual color. 

Suppose you book a Sundarban tour plan with Madhuban Leisure (owner of Sundarban Tiger Roar resort). In that case, they can arrange an experienced local guide for you. It will be like an extra cherry icing on your touring program.

Pick up and drop facility.

Sundarban Tour

Book your sundarban tour program with Madhuban Leisure. You will pick up and drop facility from Kolkata at a pre-fixed point. It is a helpful and comfortable journey to reach the destination, which will take care of your health and mental comfort of enjoying your tour. 

Customized tour plan in Sundarban

Visiting Sundarban is a popular travel plan these days. People can easily enjoy the trip in 2 nights and 3 days duration. But the objective of the Sundarban tour may vary from one tourist to another. With Madhuban Leisure, you will get the opportunity to plan your tour according to your discretion. 

For example, you can organize a photography tour, a honeymoon tour, or a cruising tour. You will get assistance from Madhuban Leisure as per availability.

How to get tour assistance

Now you know why you should stay in Sundarban Tiger Roar resort and the facilities you will get for booking a sundarban tour program with Madhuban Leisure Pvt Ltd.

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